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Dear Robert;

Put those questions to the general LPSF discuss at yahoo groups. You'll get all the replies you want.

Ron Getty
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Robert Parkhurst <rmparkhurst@...> wrote:
Dear Ron,

Well - - - maybe I used the wrong word - - - perhaps I should have said that I get upset because I see the world as it is not as I would like it to be. I suggested that, �I frankly don't hate George Bush although I find some of his administration's policies that I do not agree with. You seem to have even more problem with him. Perhaps if you listed about five of those that you have the most problem with, it would help me to understand your point.� Well, I see you have given me eight instead of five so I can see you are not short of complaints.

I�m going to discuss them one by one so I can understand them better. I may be a bit of a �Devil�s Advocate� just to add to the discussion since I have my own complaints about Bush�s policies that are not necessarily the same as yours. �Never a veto of any spending program and No cuts in government spending� are really the same. Do you know of a possible candidate to replace him that would do a better job in this area, that is, spend less or would veto such legislation? Who?

�no cuts in taxes� I thought a lot of people were complaining that he cut taxes for his rich friends. Have I been hearing the wrong propaganda?

�no cuts in government bureaucracy� Again do you know of a possible candidate to replace him that would do a better job in this area, that is, decrease the size of government and give us less bureaucracy? If so, who?

�lies about Iraq to get us involved in Iraq war� I have been hearing this now for some time but we both know that Clinton, Gore, Kerry and even Tony Blair thought Iraq had WMD. I don�t like to say that Bush or anyone knew this was false without evidence. Do you have this evidence? It seems well established now that he seems to have had a policy of support for suicide bombers and that he had gassed his own people (Kurds). I do think he might have been trying to bluff the world into thinking he was stronger than he was. Bush�s war seems to have bluffed Libya into giving up their nuclear weapons - - - not such a bad result.

�using the Patriot Act to ignore civil liberties and various Constitutional laws� I think I can agree with this although congress and the courts were complacent in this. Can you be more specific about the parts that you especially object to?

�Completely inept administration witness the Katrina - New Orleans - FEMA debacle.� I thought that the Libertarian Party was against the federal government helping disaster victims. I thought the LP would want this handled at the lowest level of government and even better, with private charity. There was a lot of private charity that was ignored by local government both city and state wasn�t there? I remember trains not being used and buses that were just left sitting.

�Creation of more government bureaucracy through Patriot Act and so and so on and so on� This is again a case where I wonder if you know of a major presidential candidate that will do a better job? I also wonder if you know a better way to keep things like 9/11 from happening again? I have some ideas but the Libertarian Party may have this all figured out. As far as the,� so on and so on� is concerned, you may be looking for things you don�t like. Can you think of anything that you like about Bush?

Most sincerely yours and best wishes - - -

Bob Parkhurst