Roger Stone vs. Warren Redlich trial is now taking place

The Roger Stone vs. Warren Redlich trial is now taking place at Room 418 in
Manhattan at 60 Centre Street before Judge Braun.

The trial will convene again tomorrow at 2:00 PM

What is this about, Sam?

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During the 2010 Election Campaign for New York Governor in which Warren
Redlich was the Libertarian Party Candidate, a flyer was sent out
presumably by Roger Stone or someone connected with him accusing Redlich of
being a serial pedofile.

The Albany Times Reported

ALBANY <> - An already dirty
campaign for governor sunk even lower Friday with a new mailer falsely
accusing a minor party candidate of being a sex offender.

To many, the anonymous smear is the most despicable part of a
gubernatorial campaign that is already considered the nastiest ever.

The outrageous flier targeting little-known Libertarian Party
<> candidate Warren
Redlich <> carries a
waring: "Sexual Predator Alert, Albany area."

The mailer lists Redlich's home address and urges people to call police if
he is seen near a school, in "your neighborhood" or "near your family."

I think there is little doubt that Redlich is a bad guy. His literature
targets 16-year-old girls who had given birth to children as MILF (I think
you know what that means) including the daughter of Sarah Palin and the
younger sister of Brittany Spears.

Roger Stones defense is that as a candidate for governor Redlich was a
public figure so he cannot bring a suit for defamation under the doctrine
of New York Times vs. Sullivan

The Roger Stone side filed a motion for defense which was denied by Judge

So the question is how far can the opponent of a candidate go in revealing
the candidates sordid past.

That question certainly has relevance into today's political environment
where all the pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups age accusing each other of
sexual misconduct

Since Roger Stone is now one of Trump's right hand men that question has
relevance for that reason as well.

It should be interesting.

Sam Sloan


Yes, it is interesting, thanks Sam.

  I think there is little doubt that Roger Stone is a bad guy. He reminds me a bit of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. They both revel in their own cleverness at the use of underhanded tactics, and enjoy having this reputation, can't help being publicity hounds about it. They exploit the fact that having reputations for corrupt behavior makes them go-to guys for others in politics with low ethical standards. Sending out a mailer calling Warren Redlich a "sexual predator" and "serial pedophile" and urging people to call the police on him was a despicable action.

  However, it seems to me that principle in this case is on his side. Politicians as public figures not being allowed to bring suits for defamation is a very good thing. Anything that has a chilling effect on criticism of those in power is extremely dangerous.

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Warren Redlich Case

Case against Warren Redlich

In order to explain the situation better, here is the problem:

While a candidate for Governor of the State of New York, Warren Redlich had
more than 90 internet domain names up with content available to the public.

He claimed his income was derived substantially from hits on these internet

At least one of them was entitled MILF meaning “Mothers I'd Like to Fuck”.

On his MILF website, Redlich featured the 16-year-old daughter of
Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and the 16-year-old younger sister
of pop star Brittany Spears. Both of whom had given birth to a child and
thus were mothers.

It so happens that in the State of New York when an over-50s man like
Warren Redlich Born
March 8, 1966 has sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl like the two
young women whom Warren Redlich said he would like to fuck, that would be a
felony offense involving substantial jail time.

In his defense, Warren Redlich stated the MILF website was not part of his
official campaign candidate website and he was a happily married man who
had never been charged with a sexual offense.

However, in my view, Roger Stone was fully justified in circulating a flyer
(if he did it as he denied having done it) stating that Redlich was a
sexual predator and a pervert even though arguably Redlich never carried
out his stated desires to have sexual intercourse with these two under-aged
women he named.

Sam Sloan

Is it worth noting that the age of consent is 16 in both Alaska and Mississippi, the states where the ladies were living?
Harland HarrisonSan Mateo CA

I think it is, Harland. More than that, this sounds like a real reach in several respects...

• If Warren Redlich had over 90 websites with content available to the public, how likely is it that he personally reviews every piece of content published? I know for a fact that just one of those sites (where, full disclosure, I am an editor, although I've rarely posted articles) has a huge amount of reader comments; I'm pretty sure he doesn't read all of them himself.

• I'm with Doug Stanhope on child porn – look at pictures all you want, just don't fuck the kid! ( – not that I think post-adolescent 16-year-olds are children anyway, regardless of the government's artificial "age of consent"

• "MILF" at this point has been mainstreamed enough that it pretty much just means "hot mom", and using it in reference to someone does not necessarily connote personal sexual interest.

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All of Warren Redlish's websites had ad alerts attached to them. Every time
somebody clicked on one of his websites, he got money. His 90 plus websites
were not intended to generate comments and discussion. When he listed under
MILF “Mothers I's Like to Fuck”, Bristol Palin, born October 18, 1990,
daughter of Sarah Palin, and *Jamie Lynn Spears* (born April 4, 1991) the
younger sister of recording artist Britney Spears
<>, as mothers he would like to
fuck, he was doing this to generate controvesy and thus hits on his
website. By contrast, when our fearless leader said he likes to grab women
by the pussy because there is nothing she can say or do about it, he was
talking about mature adult women presumably over 21, not 16-year-old girls
who were the targets of Warren Redlich's desires, plus Trump did not names
of the women he had grabbed by the pussy but Warren Redlich did name the

Sam Sloan

Redlich seems to have been a writer during this period; by 2008 Redlich had more than 250 satirical stories on one site alone. Would NY have sent Shakespeare to its electric chair?

Harland HarrisonSan Mateo CA

I'm sorry Sam, but I'm just not seeing anything in a couple dubious choices of click-bait on one of Warren Redlich's many websites that in any way justifies putting out mailers calling him a sexual predator and advising people to call the cops if they see him.

  Donald Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, and has multiple accusers who say he did just that to them – 16 women have come forward accusing him of sexual assault or violations, and they do have names (see ).

  There is just no comparison here.

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