Rob Power invited you to join the group "LPSF - The Libertarian Party of San Francisco"...

Dear Rob & Co.,

I unsuccessfully attempted to join the Facebook Site.

I'm looking for a generous LPSF member with a few hours to kill to
walk me through the process on the phone. (Ron kindly spent a few
hours trying to help me by email. However, the limitations of email
communication destined this to failure.)


Warm regards, Michael

You're showing up as a member of the FB group now, Michael. So it seems you
were successful.


Hi Michael,

I have a feeling your challenge is that you keep clicking the "Join" part of the screen. Since you have already joined, you access your Facebook page by writing your e-mail address (the one you used to establish your Facebook account) and your password on the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE SCREEN, WAY UP AT THE TOP.

Once you have accessed your account, you will see your picture, and a rectangle saying something like "What's on your mind." So, you post something interesting in that rectangle.

I would start with your own Facebook account, before you try to post on the LPSF Facebook account.



Your observation illustrates part of my Facebook problem: I deactivated my
"Michael Edelstein" account when I discovered I had an additional account
("Michael R. Edelstein"). Yet apparently Facebook's idea of what
"deactivation" means is different from mine, since clearly it's still

See my email describing ten of Facebook's flaws.

Warm regards, Michael