Richmond District Budget Town Hall with Mayor Ed Lee & Supervisor Eric Mar (Wednesday 4/27, 6pm)

FYI... I won't be able to attend this, as my girlfriend will be presenting at the Vegetarian Society's dinner event tomorrow evening and I want to be there for that, but wanted to pass the info along. Political events like this are good places to pass out Libertarian and other pro-freedom outreach materials.

  If anyone goes, I suggest telling Lee and Mar to support Jeff Adachi's plans for pension reform as one possible talking point. I always like mentioning the fact that (according to the Chronicle, April 2010) one out of every three SF government employees makes over $100,000 a year, and juxtaposing this with the fact that many San Franciscans who are living homeless on the streets still have to pay local sales tax on everything they buy. I think it's unconscionable for any "public servant" to be drawing a six-figure income at taxpayer expense.

Love & Liberty,
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P.S. - For those who don't have the info on the Wednesday evening dinner, which Michael Edelstein has posted about in the past, here are the details: