[RhetoricalOwls] Neocons

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Subject: [RhetoricalOwls] Neocons

This is what happened to the conservatism that I knew:

"As Thompson sees matters, neoconservatism rejects individual rights.

Rights for neocons do not trump considerations of state; to the
contrary, the public good, as neocons conceive of it, justifies the
state in setting aside the liberty of persons to live their life as they choose. The state must actively mold people in order to make them
virtuous; and among these virtues, sacrifice for the common good is
paramount. “At a deeper level, Kristol and [David] Brooks actually
reject the fundamental principles of a free and liberal society.
According to Kristol, principles such as individual rights, limited
government, and economic freedom are neither morally edifying nor
practically sustainable.”