Reuters on George Soros: who's-behind-wall-streetprotests? Soros' hidden agenda for funding pro-Prop. 19 groups

  I'm forwarding this e\-mail about George Soros and the Wall Street protests because Soros was behind Prop\. 19, which was a Trojan Horse initiative\.  Prop\. 19 was  designed to do away with Prop\. 215\.  Prop\. 215 basically decriminalized cannabis for patients \(very broadly defined patients\) while at the same time keeping it from be corporat\-ized\. Corporatization results in the blind pursuit of profits, which leads to many social ills in a country, because political/legal decisions are almost completely influenced by what can be bought with profits\.  So Soros' hidden agenda behind funding Prop\. 19, at least indirectly by funding its proponents, was related to his own financial interests: the corporatiz\-ation of cannabis\.
 The weakness of this article is that it doesn't suggest the hidden agenda behind Soros' funding of Things to promote OccupyWallstreet\.  Soros' hidden agenda behind funding NORML and MPP and other cannabis groups, and funding Prop\. 19, was nicely covered in a  25\-page\-long investigative report by Conrad Kizcenski, who I am copying so you can ask him to e\-mail you a link to that report if you want to read it\.  To whet your appetitie, it inolves Monsanto \-\- whose efforts to start growing GMO cannabis in California in partnership with UC Davis were \(THANK GOD\) thwarted when Jerry Borwn vetoed the alleged "industrial hemp" bill\.  \(Since when is there a need for GMO cannabis?  Only since Monsanto realized it could take over and control future cannabis crops  \(a wind\-pollinated crop\), by getting its patented pollen out into the California atmosphere\)  GMO isn't about making better plants, it's about making plants the rights to which a

corporation can OWN and exclude from ownership all those who won't pay tribute every years for seeds . . . .
Brown's stated reason was that hemp is still illegal under federal law, but I truly believe that Brown is a very wise guy, and was and is well aware of the GMO issue, and that that was the underlying reason this was vetoed.
DC Williams is copied because he's well-onto Soros and sent me and others this Reuters article about him.

Anything Soros is involved in ought to suspect from that fact alone. Besides Prop 19, he was also funding Halliburton's puppet-state of Georgia in the former USSR. This was at the same time he was denouncing Bush and Cheney publicly. At the same time he was 'doing everything he could to see the GOP defeated in 2008, his hedge fund was collecting a fat bailout from Paulsen & co.

Soros also funded currency fraud schemes in Eastern Europe, which indirectly led to the breakup of Yugoslavia. He also helped bankroll the so-called Kosovo Independence Movement, at the same time his hedge fund was loaning money to US and NATO corporations who had vested interests in Kosovo. He's just as bad as any of the other corporate scum; despite his posturing.