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  For my part, I am wondering who is going to investigate the City Attorney's office for thwarting the will of the voters in being able to have a say on the Bayview/Hunter's Point Redevelopment project. Dennis Herrera blocked the referendum from appearing on the ballot on the ridiculous technicality that the entire 53-page redevelopment plan was not attached to every single copy of the petition. When will the voters get to vote on Redevelopment???

  I am also wondering who is going to investigate the SFPD for continuing to use undercover officers to go around on Haight Street attempting to entrap people by posing as marijuana buyers, and the District Attorney's office for prosecuting people arrested in this duplicitous manner. Setting up undercover operations to nail people doesn't sound to me like treating marijuana as the "lowest law enforcement priority" the voters said they wanted and the Supervisors passed as an ordinance!

  Gavin Newsom just made an excellent statement to the press about how the "War on Drugs" has failed. Kudos to him for having the courage to tell it like it is, and to point out the cowardice of most members of his Democratic Party on the issue! But how can he ignore the fact that his own police department is perpetuating this war that he has rightly identified as a costly failure, and is apparently doing so at least partly in contravention of the law and against the expressed will of San Francisco voters?

  These things seem much more relevant to whether proper respect is being shown to the voters than whether or not a Supervisor lived in his district at the time some papers were filed. Do you disagree? If so, please explain why.

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