Response to Star Child — lpsf-activists] RE: Supervisor Yee’s Sneaky-Pete Bait-and-Switch — LHH Housing Proposal Ignores Dire Shortage of Skilled Nursing Facility Beds: Why Is Supervisor Yee’s Housing Project So Hush-Hush?

You're making the mistake this is politics or that they care about anybody.
It's just organized crime: The only way to analyze it is as racketeering.
If they were sincere about more housing, they would have permitted the
supportive senior housing at Forest Hills Church right down the street.
When they pretend they care it is just part of the old dialectic - creating
a problem through the phony empathy of "caring" to sell a suckered public
on a fake solution before they cash out leaving you holding the bag. As if
they seriously give a damn about "out of city" transfers - it's just like
peas around the plate for them to be handled by the "help." Some patient
goes septic and get a leg amputated. No prob, you've got Matthew Rothschild
to robosign claims out of the City Attorney's office plus it's $$ for the
friendly Bar association racketeers who take their cut, and the Sheriff
gets elected unopposed anyway. Want to cut corners putting up the melinnium
tower? Great - profit on the way up and the way down, and it's all
insurance claims. Why the hell would you ever try to heal somebody? You
need frequent fliers with good insurance. "Healing" (LOL what a concept) is
for idiots - like making a car tire that doesn't wear out. There's nothing
to kick back with a healthy person. Really, they don't care.

WWZD: "What Would Zula Do?"
"You pay to play here. You got it. We know this. We are the *BEST* at this
game; uh, better than New York. We do it a little more *sophisticated *than
New Yorkers. We do it without the mafia."