Response to Lysander Spooner on the Constitution

Since the Green Party has been an even worse guardian of liberty, we would be better off for the loss of those who flock to it.

How much more serious do things need to get before we get serious anout our liberty? Generations of serfs have already proved we can live without liberty and keep doing this indefinately.

Actually, I have been very serious. By serious I mean trying to move conversations on this list from rhetorical sound bites to positive, factual, realistic talk -- which might translate into specific, effective action. What does it mean "get serious about our liberty?" What specifically can we do to "get serious about our liberty?" What does it mean "all libertarians as stockholders in a corporation?" How do we accomplish that? What does it mean "corporate managers that failed to deliver would get fired?" Don't we have that now given our ability to vote those we do not like out of office? Of course, how would we get those out of office "WE" want out of office!?

As I said, this list is public, and I personally view it as one tool to acquaint those that might be interested with libertarian thinking and libertarian action. So I do my best to clarify what the public sees.