Research Opportunity for Libertarian Party of San Francisco

I received this request for volunteers from our party to participate in an academic study. I apologize for not passing it along promptly; the email got lost in the shuffle and I just noticed it. The sender also contacted me by phone, and I asked him to send me something in writing. I'm somewhat wary of stuff like this; he told me it was a double blind study, meaning that we can't know what the researchers' thesis is. Knowing the often statist nature of academia in general and SFSU in particular, it's possible that the study could be designed to obtain results unflattering to people with pro-freedom views. Or it could be totally harmless, or even beneficial; we just don't know. Reading up on David Matsumoto, the professor behind the study, might give more of an indication, or not. With these concerns in mind I may or may not participate myself, but I told Jesse I would distribute his information to our local group. If you decide to take part or do more research on it, I would be interested in hearing what you learn.

Love & Liberty,
                                   ((( starchild )))