Request to other Ron Paul supporters...

Dear Dr. Mike;

I respectfully and passionately disagree with your respectful and passionate disagree.

Ron Paul messages on the LPSF Discuss are preaching to the choir - enough already - the Josh Wolfe alliteration is a non sequitor in relation to Ron Paul. The Josh Wolfe thing stretching a point since Josh Wolfe was not really a journalist and was not suffering freedom of speech and protection of sources etc etc. but it was a nice issue to form coalitions and affiliations and show the flag as it were.

Keep the LPSF discuss for Libertarian messages and discussions of Libertarian import to Libertarians and quit clogging the bandwidth with Ron Paul notices messages meetups etc.

If it is important form a Ron Paul yahoo discussion group and invite one and all to join and hear more on Ron Paul.

We in the LPSF yahoo discuss group know who he is and have formed our opinions about him and his message.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian