Request to other Ron Paul supporters...

Hey folks,

I am as much a Paul supporter as the next guy, but there are members of our little group who do not feel the same way. In deference to them, please refrain from Posting Paul stuff here or if possible form another group or subscribe to other Ron Paul sites if you are interested. This is strongly requested for the long term collegiality of the LPSF.




  I thought we had previously agreed that this type of thing was inappropriate for the lpsf-activists list, but appropriate for the lpsf-discuss list. Beyond requiring people to be civil and not engage in spamming and possible moderation of overall frequency of posting if that became an issue, I do not agree with seeking to limit what people can post here. I believe it is in the interest of our local libertarian community to have a forum for open discussion of issues, candidates, and so on of interest to members of our community.

  I would hope that we can all follow Thomas Jefferson's counsel that a civil intellectual disagreement should not be allowed to interfere with a friendship, and certainly not with working together. If we can't even work together while airing a few disagreements of our own, it's hard to see how we'll be able to be effective at working with non-Libertarian groups and individual with whom we have goals and positions in common, and it's my view that we ought to be doing more of that kind of collaborative politics and bridge-building, even while taking care not to lose our ideological focus.

  As an aside, it is my perception that many more LPSF members support Ron Paul to win the GOP presidential nomination than do not, although the two opponents I'm aware of have been quite vocal in their opposition.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


A few of our members whom I respect most, Rob Power for one, are not Ron Paul supporters. Of course our group will have significant disagreements over the years--we're libertarians after all!

However, to request a libertarian subject not be pursued on our list because some of us disagree with it makes little sense to me. It would rule out many issues that visit our yahoogroup email list.

In my view and in the view of many other Libertarians, Ron Paul is by orders of magnitude the best thing that's happened to modern American Libertarian politics since it's inception. After the uphill struggle against the establishment we've had for so long, please let's not put a damper on seizing every opportunity we can to promote Paul.

Keep firmly in mind: it's not the man, it's the message.

I appreciate your consideration.

Best, Michael