Request: Reply to Individual Poster. Reply-All to Forum / Mailing List

This came up in the other conversation today. Yahoo! Groups and Discourse work the same way: replying to a post sends it to the entire forum / mailing list.

I’d prefer an email “reply” to be sent as a private message / email to the user, whereas “reply-all” should be posted to the forum / mailing list. I created a topic on Discourse’s Discourse forum to request this as an option.

I think that was the wrong thread. Better topic:

I installed the plugin mentioned in that thread, and it seems to work! The plugin link mentions a few important future directions, including using a private DM email instead of the sender’s personal email as the reply-to.

We should also check the plugin code to see if it might bypass other settings.

I’m looking at the original code and it includes some reference to private_reply:

@reply_by_email_address =
        if private_reply?

Another related request: Email response as private message - support - Discourse Meta

As @Starchild noticed, a recent upgrade to Discourse must have broke the reply-to-user plugin (replies-xxx@forum was not being cc’ed). I disabled the plugin, so the default (and only option) will be to reply-to-everyone. I’ll report the bug to the plugin author now, and can eventually work on fixing it, if the author doesn’t.