Reply To Letitia: Comments On Popular Terms

My comments:
1. Tax the rich: Taxation involves the illegitimate use of force. Don't tax

2. inequality: Under current law, only politicians are permitted to initiate
force. To establish equality under law, prohibit politicians from initiating

3. redistribution of wealth: A free society consists of win-win
transactions. Everyone gets wealthier. In a statist society, wealth is

4. justice: Since markets are just and the state is not, justice requires
the abolition of the state.

5. organic food: Abolish all laws regulating food. If you like organic food,
buy it. It you don't like it, don't buy it.

6. campaign contributions = bribes: Abolish all laws regulating
contributions and bribes. I bribe Ron Paul at every money bomb. The next one
is Wed. 19 Oct. Go to:

7. political corruption: A redundancy. Power corrupts.

8. co-option of political process by wealth: "The problem isn't the abuse
of power; it's the power to abuse." --Harry Browne

9. GMO crops (which I see as separate but related to "organic foods"):
Abolish all laws regulating food. If you like GMO food, buy it. It you don't
like it, don't buy it.

Warm regards, Michael

Dr. Edelstein,

Concise excellence!

Because politicians and bureaucrats use words to mask intentions and reality, I hope your response goes viral and all the world familiarizes itself with these insights, suggestions and principles.

All the best,

Don Fields


   Assuming these protests actually amount to anything; do you think a new system can be installed without resorting to force? For example, if the corporatists fell from power and a libertarian organization took over, I would see nothing wrong with forcibly seizing and redistributing the wealth. After all, they have been forcibly taking it from the people for decades and redistributing among themselves.

Thanks Eric...

Replacing a wrong with a wrong is never an improvement for mankind or freedom. Force is always wrong unless used only resist force and no more, never to initiate it or for revenge.

Revenge against those who may have used force illegally is never right either. Jesus forgave those who crucified Him. "Forgive them for they know not what they do". Those who used force against us were weak and ignorant. Let's not lower ourselves to their level but rather rise above it.

Until we can come to common ground about our best behavior, true freedom will elude us.

The right system to replace what we have is not one that resorts to force...but rather one that results from voluntary transactions among free people. Anything else is bogus.


I am suprised such ideas come from people that call themselves libertarians.
Quite sickening actually. Is this where the LP is headed?

Hope not, Thomas! We tend towards tolerance of differing ideas on this list, so Eric can rant if he likes, as long as he is polite.


I am not trying to discus all these points; I'm too tired at present. But, re GMO -- if tehrear e no laws against GMO, then there should also be no laws that favor GMO, e.g., patent laws. Comment?

  Ummm, considering the future of the LP: didn't the LP, at the instigation of Barr and Root, renounce 'non-initiation of force' as a core principle? Of course, that was only meant to apply to 'inferior races' and 'the rabble' who stood in the way of corporatism; but maybe a taste of their own medicine would do these guys some actual good.

Well, Thomas, I can tell you what SHOULD make you sick besides ideas.

   1. Corporatist wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and impending in Pakistan and Iran; with numerous civilian deaths and enslavement;

   2. A Supreme Court, which by diktat, has held that corporations can seize property at will under 'eminent domain' and rig elections by purchasing candidates outright under the pretext of 'free speech'

   3. Corporate bailouts and redistribution of wealth under the threat of martial law.

   4. Suppression of peaceful religious sects like the Branch Davidians, FLDS, Amish and others;

   5. Corporatist militarization of the police and penal systems;

   6. Murders of US nationals both here (e.g. Hurricane Katrina) and abroad (e.g. in Yemen recently).

   Does that make you sick, Thomas?

Mike D.:

   But if your car was stolen, you'd want it returned, right? That's no different that what I am suggesting here. And the carjacker removed from society to a nice jail so he's no threat to anyone else's life or property---same with these corporatist looters.

You are right Erik...if it was my car I'd want it back. The tragedy of the commons is that there is no accountability for the property. So having a mob take and redistribute to another mob in the name of individual offenses isn't really justice for anyone although it might feel like it. A class action lawsuit might work though.


Yes they do, except number 2 which IS free speech. I oppose incorporation
but based on the system I don't support the concept of two wrongs making a
right (ie mccain feingold anti free speech nonsense or campaign contribution
restrictions just because corporations have rigged the system).


Your arguments are also very emotional which always makes me pause. Part of
the draw of libertarianism is their sense of Reason.

Would you say you are a libertarian either small or big L?

Amish? I thought the Amish have held their own against the federal government pretty well; is there some new development on the Amish front?

I agree with Letitia, copyright and patent law are different and shouldn't
be compared as the same.

Hi Eric,

As far as I know, the LP website still carries the non-initiation of force as one of the core principles of the Libertarian Party, and the official LP honchos have consistently railed against foreign intervention and corporate welfare.


One of the problems is that the term "IP" meaning intellectual property covers a lot of different issues.