Reminder: Tomorrow's meeting is in the 1st floor conf. room


Please remember that-- for this month only-- our meeting will take place
in the *1st floor (Stong) conference room* in the main library. The 4th
floor where we normally meet was unavailable this month.
Please, please, try to come on time so we can cover everything in the
agenda! We will also hear from Dan Johnson of We Do Better at 4:30, via
video call. Dan ran a couple presentation and staffed a table at the
National LP Convention in July, and I am starting to work with him to
help bring We Do Better's proposed Universal Charitable Credit to
Around the end of our meeting, I believe that John Dennis will visit us
as well to update us on his D2 Supervisor campaign. There are plenty of
opportunities to volunteer!
And most importantly, we have ballot arguments for 5 local measures
to consider!
See you all tomorrow,