REMINDER: SF Pride community meeting TONIGHT! (630pm - 150 Eureka Street at 18th/19th streets in the Castro, SF)

WHAT: Community meeting to discuss Bradley Manning and SF Pride's refusal to honor him as a Grand Marshal in this year's Pride parade (June 30)
WHEN: 630pm
WHERE: Metropolitan Community Church, 150 Eureka Street at 18th/19th streets (in the Castro district, San Francisco)

  Please come out and speak during public comment if you can! If you haven't already done so, please write/call SF Pride and ask them to honor Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal -- info@... or (415) 864-0831. Please also call or write Supervisor David Campos, who has been reported to be looking into Pride's actions -- David.Campos@... or (415) 554-5144.

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Below is the latest from the SF Pride organization...

Dear Community Members:

For the past four decades, SF Pride has stood firmly to advance its mission to educate the world about LGBT issues, commemorate LGBT heritage, celebrate LGBT culture, and liberate LGBT people.

Thank you for your patience regarding the rescheduling of our community meeting to discuss the recent Electoral College voting. The integrity of the elections process and procedures are very important to SF Pride and the community at large. The SF Pride Board recognizes and regrets the recent error in the announcement of Mr. Bradley Manning as the Electoral College’s Community Grand Marshal. As promised, in the spirit of fairness and transparency, we are calling for an open forum where we can hear the full range of the community's concerns.

With this in mind, we have secured the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco sanctuary for Friday, May 31st starting at 6:30 p.m., which is located at 150 Eureka Street between 18th & 19th Streets in the Castro District. We encourage all concerned to participate in this public forum that will be facilitated by Scott Shafer, host of KQED’s California Report.

We continue to be open to peaceful and constructive conversation with set ground rules but will not condone violence in any form moving forward. To ensure that community members have the opportunity to speak along with securing the safety of all attendees, we will have security on the premises. Please also note that MCC encourages attendees to be respectful of their space --and their neighbors-- and to take their water bottles, coffee cups, etc with them when leaving. The event cannot go past 9:30 p.m.

  By the way, I did two radio interviews today, along with Mike Shipley, Angela Keaton, and John Bechtol, on the "Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock" show and the Angel Clark show, both on the excellent Liberty Radio Network ( ), about our project to have a nationwide torch parade to honor Bradley Manning, starting at San Francisco Pride and concluding on July 4th (Independence Day) in Washington, D.C. The website for this effort is . I will be mentioning it at tonight's meeting.

  Here is a link to the segment on Ernest Hancock's show:

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