Reminder of New Location for May 8th Meeting

Dear All,

Hope to see you all at the next LPSF meeting on May 8th. We are still working on a permanent home for the meetings, but meanwhile we will meet at the San Francisco Main Library. Unfortunately, the library cannot give us the same room for every meeting. This time, we will meet in the "Strong" Room, located on the first floor, across from the Information Desk. I have changed the LPSF "Announce List", to show this new location; and hopefully, Rob or I will remember to change the List again when the room changes again.

I will be posting the meeting Agenda early this afternoon, so if you have any subjects you would like to see on the Agenda, please let me know.

So far, the Agenda shows 35 minutes for our guest's presentation and subsequent Q & A; follow up on the LPSF business cards; and if Rob would like, report on the new LPSF Google Apps (cloud storage of fliers and other interesting stuff).


I'm back from my two weeks in Boston/Bermuda. Glad you were able to
straighten out the meeting announcement without me. That was the goal of
moving toward a standardized web interface -- that an HTML/PHP nerd isn't
required for content to be edited.

But one suggestion -- just have the Announcements list calendar (and I think
there are other calendars like NorCal Libertarians) show the meeting date
and time, with a link to where the location is
listed. Since the Chair and Secretary are always on that page anyway to
update agendas and minutes, we know it will be updated. I can add a bit of
text to that page's header saying to check the upcoming agenda below for the
specific meeting room.

As for the business cards, I've not been to Office Depot to get the new
cardstock yet. If I am able to find time this week, I'll have the cards at
Saturday's meeting, but otherwise will have to postpone that a month.
Either way, I don't think agenda time is required. The Google Apps thing is
currently primarily for LPSF officers and committee chairs (since a login is
required to access the documents), so I don't think we need time for that
either during the meeting, unless you want to use that time for Q&A. I
really don't have anything to present.


Hi Rob,

Welcome back! I figured you were out of town the minute Francoise alerted us on the old Announcement. Yes, the non-nerd new stuff is something for which the LPSF owes you a debt of gratitude; this coming from a confirmed non-nerd!

Thanks for letting me know about the business cards and Google Apps.

Regarding your idea of announcing the monthly meetings by directing the announcements to the LPSF website, I personally feel this would solve one challenge but create another one. Some folks just do not want to be directed anywhere; they want the information there and then. (I am one of those folks, so I know). So, I would "vote" to have the announcement of the monthly meeting self contained; as well as the website information also self contained. Now that I am an expert : - ) in dealing with the Announce List, I can back you up when you know you will be out of town, etc. and change the Announce List.