Reminder: Meeting is at Glen Park Branch of Public Library!

Dear All,

Facing the challenges of reserving conference rooms at the San Francisco Public Library system, we will meet on June 11 at the Glen Park Branch (2825 Diamond St), not at the Main Branch. We have reservations for July and August at the Main Branch.

I noticed that our Meetup Group Announcement indicated the meeting at the Main Library. Not so! Hope to see you all at the Glen Park Branch.

Also, my apologies for still not figuring out how to cut and paste the Agenda so that it does not look like a mess. At least the mess gives you a general idea of what will transpire, even though you may not want (or can't) open the attachment.


Hi Marcy,

  I will update the Meetup group listing. Do you have details on where
inside the branch the meeting will be? Also happen to know how far it
is from Glen Park BART? Mapquest annoyingly does not show BART
stations. Any word as far as parking?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

It's a small branch so I am hoping we will be in a community room. Yes, Mapquest is indeed a pain!


The library is in hte middle of the block to the north of the Bart station.
Parking is not really good, but there should be some on hte street north of the
If coming by MUNI, the 52 and 44 lines pass nearby.