Reducing the voting age

apologies for dictation as I am still newly totally blind and not up to actually typing. The only legitimate purpose of government is to protect our life and our liberty which necessitates protecting our property The constitution and the republic that it serves, Has legitimacy only in its attempts to bind The power of government and focus it on protecting our life and liberty, and by necessity our property. Democracy was understood as a necessary evil to choose the actors designated to the minimal function Of government. Democracy has failed over and over and over again to prevent strife Civil War impoverishment when the people discovered that they can steal from other people via the ballot box The steady increase of the franchise has directly correlated with the increased intrusion of the state, which is now very nearly out of control, and bringing us to the brink of Civil War. This is an issue where liberty is in direct opposition to democracy, every increase in the franchise has led to more theft or government and more violence and brought us to the edge of Civil War or Tierney or some horrible combination of both. Therefore it is both principled and practical to not fuel the fires of socialist democracy. However it is too offensive to the egalitarian mind to suggest that the original franchise of property owners only protected everybody from the horrors of socialism. Therefore I think that we should remain silent on this issue.

I concur with Phil


I concur with Mike and Phil.