This is not a question of "liberty." This is a question of removing
a fist from the proximity of our nose.

  Only if one equates unpleasant speech with the threat of a punch in
the face! I think they are two different things.

  As I said however, if most of the group want to ban Glenn, that's
your choice, I'm just expressing my dissent for the record.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Dear Starchild,

Dissent noted. However, I believe we are well aware of how strongly you feel about "personal liberty." I do not feel as you do; and would probably react in a similar way presented with unpleasant speech, spitting in my sidewalk, loud music, drunken brawls in my courtyard, or a punch in the face.


My sympathies are with Starchild. And frankly I'm a little confused
about this list. When I objected to all the non-political conversation
about vegetarianism, many said it was the format of the Discuss list.
Anything goes. So that's the way I've approached it.

Just wondering if maybe we could turn the Discuss list into the
Anarchist list and just let it all rock like a mosh pit. Or create a new
Anarchist list and continue with the new upgraded format for Discuss.

Just trying to find ways to make the tent bigger.

Dear All,

By way of clarification. The guidelines for the LPSF lists have never changed. They remain the same as they were formulated several years ago, and reiterated at the last LPSF meeting. We have two lists: The Activists List, where we plan action and strategy; and the Discuss List, where we talk about politics, especially politics as it relates to personal freedom and personal responsibility. In the case of both lists, there has always been a requirement that posts be civil, which means devoid of name calling, negative sarcasm, and other unpleasant speech. To help the lists remain as formulated, we have had Moderators from the inception of the lists; who need to make unpleasant choices when faced with individuals who do not abide by the lists' guidelines.

Traditionally, Moderators have allowed at their own discretion civil and polite discussion in the Discuss List that is not directly political, but might have bearing on, say, personal responsibility. Usually, when this occurs, there might be polite objection, or polite encouragement, from some, and as a rule, this kind of discussion ends without incident.

Moderators have never allowed uncivil posts, no matter what their subject, political or not.

Given that as a group we have always amicably discussed and voted on changes of any kind that affect our group, I am assuming that until such time as we vote on a change on the Lists' guidelines at one of our LPSF meetings, the guidelines will remain as formulated.

Hope this clarifies any confusion or misunderstanding.



OK....I'm comfortable with that explanation.