Rebuttal to proponents' argument for Proposition D (extra Supervisor aides, etc.)

After submitting the initial arguments against Propositions D, E, and J last Friday morning, I was informed Friday afternoon that I'd been selected as the official opponent of these measures. Not having time to go back in on Friday, I had to pick up the proponents' arguments on Monday, and then file rebuttals by noon on Tuesday. That didn't give me much time to come up with cogent responses -- I suspect that these tight timetables are not accidental -- but here is what I submitted for Proposition D. The rebuttals to the proponents' arguments for E and J are in separate messages. The limit for rebuttals is 250 words or less.

  You'll be reading the rebuttals without seeing the proponents arguments themselves yet, because they aren't online and I'm too lazy to type them all in right now. Perhaps I will later, otherwise you can get them at the Elections Department office if you're really curious or just wait for them to publish the ballot. Gavin Newsom's argument for the sales tax increase was notable for his listing of many of the various cuts and reforms he claims to have made, but other than that you aren't missing much anyway, and the specific things they said didn't play that much of a factor in what I chose to include in the rebuttals.

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