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[West Coast Libertarians] Re: [Libertarian] "Support Israel" Hospitality Suite at CA ConventionMike,

I stand by my statement.
Carol is full of venom and hatred.
She's even causing herself health problems from it.

Tonight, when I took a call from Marianne Volpe, one of Gary Nolan's
campaign team, Carol just had a bit of a tantrum and hung up on her.

As far as the large and negative influence of the state in Israel, I agree.
Israelis would be much better off with less government.
However, Carol's focus is not on how to make Israel freer, but in
making the case that Israel attacks the freedoms and the rights of
non-Israelis and that the State of Israel is in fact without status.

She supports suicide bombers as 'freedom fighters', but uses foul and
hateful language to describe any Israeli effort to thwart them.

Frankly Mike, she advocates the end of the State of Israel and the
forced deportation of all Jews.

Hatred? Maybe I misspoke. That was too soft of a term.


Bruce Cohen
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Posted privately to you, with only a CC to Marianne, since I referenced her.