RE: Tax Day Outreach 2013

Hello Carole,

Indeed! If groups like ours unite behind our common causes, we can poke significant holes in the tax-and-spend mentality. Please, by all means, forward our e-mails, announcements, etc. to any group that might be interested in participating in the San Francisco Tax Day Outreach 2013.

I will keep you posted on how plans are developing. Please feel free to give us your suggestions, comments, news; they will be appreciated.



Marcy....I spoke to Richard Rider about the tax day event. He recommended inviting the GOP. Personally, I'm not sure we want to do that unless very specific....John Dennis and maybe others. And we focus on war spending, corporate welfare etc... But anyways, just wanted you to know what he said.


Hi Mike,

We are walking on eggshells in an event where Libertarians, Tea Partiers, and the GOP come together. Aubrey was mulling about inviting the GOP; hope he sees this post.

But, the coming together on an issue can happen. You might remember or not when the LPSF joined the ANSWER crowd on a big antiwar rally some years back. The agreement was made that announcements, official literature, website, etc would focus on antiwar, not on the left-of-left stuff ANSWER is known for. As far as I know, the agreement was kept by ANSWER. As I recall, they even depended on Marc Joffe to set up the event's website!

Wouldn't it be great if LPSF could duplicate that kind of miracle?


That would be great indeed.


Hi Mike and Marcy! I think we should invite the GOP. Since this event will be centered on taxes and not social issues, and the GOP is supposed to be for lower taxes, I don't see why they can't join us. Unless there is overwhelming objection to inviting them, I will invite them. This event will be a coalition of groups opposed to high taxes and out-of-control spending, and we should invite all who share in this view and not worry about how each group differs from each other. Mike, I seem to remember an email or two a few months back where you ran into someone from the GOP and they complimented our ballot work last year, so I may ask for some contact information, as I don't normally associate with regular Republicans too much.

By the way, I spoke with Jun Dam from the Ron Paul group tonight (they have now renamed their group Golden Gate Liberty or something like that), and he is keen to invite his folks to join our event. Mind you, he did say that when he attended the first Tea Party Tax Day rally in Civic Center Plaza about 4 years ago, for reaching out to the general public, he did not feel it accomplished that much because the foot traffic was not that great there, but it was a good rallying place for the low tax folks. He feels the Airport Post Office where folks rush to at the last moment is more effective for the general public. He suggested that we hold our outreach as planned at Civic Center Plaza and perhaps add a third phase to our event (the first one being tabling and the second one being a march to the Federal Building) for later on in the day to schlepp to the Airport Post Office and pass out literature there to the Johnny-Come-Lately's. This phase might
appeal to those folks who can't take off work that day but would still like to do something useful later on in the day. I'm taking the full day off work that day anyway, so I'm game to do more outreach after our Civic Center Plaza work is done. I envision perhaps taking a late afternoon meal break and then heading over to the Airport Post Office carpooling since there's not a lot of parking at that post office.

This event seems to be evolving into something significant.


Yes….it was the local GOP chair Chris Bowman. Actually I don’t have his contact info but can get it. Will get back to you.


The overwhelming amount of federal spending comes from credit creation and not from taxes I read the other day that the Feds have guaranteed over $13 trillion worth of loans this Jorss even the existing explicit deficit just saying That the real tax disinflation and the redistribution of wealth through the credit system to those who have access to it Andros are protest should be in front of Bank of America Wells Fargo or the Federal Reserve because the only recent for taxes is to perpetuating the myth that the bonds that these banks trade in are actually worth something

Hi Mike and Aubrey,

I also say invite all groups that are advocates of small-government, free-markets, low/no-taxes. Regarding Chris Bowman, as I recall, he is a "member emeritus" or another important title of the SF Log Cabin Republicans. The Chair of the SF GOP is Harmeet Dhillon (spelling?); she has been high profile even in national publications. Also, John Dennis is on his second term as a member of the SF GOP Central Committee; I would say he is also a good contact there. The SF GOP lists on their website a Vice Chair for Special Events, Brooke Chappell. BTW what they call "special events" are high brow lectures and other high-end stuff; so to them ours is an "educational outreach," right? : - ]

Regarding the event location, I agree that Civic Center is not ideal; but LPSF is not experienced in large events, so we start with Civic Center and work our way up to bigger and better in succeeding years. This time, it is Civic Center, 11:30 am - 3:00 pm. The all-night post office (now Rincon Annex or the Airport) used to be a great place to be on April 15, especially around midnight -- with crowds rushing in at the stroke of midnight to snail mail their tax returns! However, is it still like that since the advent of E-filing? I don't think so. However, if some of us want to have a brochure distribution there besides Civic Center, great!

I purchased a button-making machine (not here yet, so I don't even know if the thing works). Maybe a button-making, strategy-planning, meet other groups fun party -- if someone has a place larger than my microscopic living room?

Aubrey, from your lips to heaven's ears regarding this turning into a "significant event!"


Thanks for the correction Marcy…


Hi Phil,

Excellent point! You are one of the financial gurus on this list, so point us towards material we can use, since this is going to be not only a rally (march/demonstration), but also an educational tabling event.

We can save the "should's" for next year, early in the planning stages of the next Tax Day Outreach! This time it is Civic Center.