RE: Ron Paul way more libertarian than Dennis Kucinich

My job as Outright California's chair is to effectively and directly communicate the stance of all party candidates on LGBTQ issues (and associated issues). To the extent that this conflicts with individuals' favorite candidates, oh well.

I fully admit to being unyielding on those issues, and proudly so. :wink:

As for LP members who believe I'm giving Ron Paul a fair shake, at every turn, his campaign has refused to participate in Outright's survey of LP candidates (despite the fact that we gave him the special dispensation demanded by many and allowed him to get equal access to it as a Republican -- not a Libertarian).

Ron Paul's campaign has refused to participate.

The survey is super-clear. If Ron Paul's supporters were as vocal in insisting that he participate in it as they are in attacking loyal Libertarians who hold their favored candidate to objective standards on the issues, they'd command a mite more respect in their argument. I will happily show my pink slip a bit in sharing the round of chuckles from many members of Outright who find the "explanation of gay issues" from straight Ron Paul fans to be rather amusing.

(And no, we're not going away, and I'm perfectly happy to be the bad guy who keeps pointing out the unpleasant truth of the matter.)