RE: RE: [lpsf-discuss] RE: Josh Wolf benefit planning afoot

Terry Floyd wrote:

I'm not sure I understand "our decision." I wasn't in on that
decision-making process.

Sorry: "our" = LPSF, at our meeting of 12 August.

If the LPSF does not wish to use it for the Josh
Wolf benefit that it was intended to support, why not just cash it and
consider it a donation to the LPSF?

If you want us to do that, we can.

Or cash it and forward the
to Josh. I thought the whole idea was to make a large donation to Josh's
defense fund on behalf of the LPSF.

That was the idea. However, we aren't sure that a political party can
legally make a donation to a legal defense fund or a private person. Our
members and supporters are free to donate to Josh directly, and mention

I wanted the funds to go to Josh, so
however you manage to get the money to him or his legal defense fund is
by me.

It may not be fine by the FEC, however.


Oh well. I guess you can cash the check and forward the money to Harland,
who can then get it into Josh's hands (or to an account he can use). So I
guess the way to avoid any legal entanglements with the FEC is to use this
kind of technique to launder the money so it has no trail that could lead
the police back to the LPSF?

Terry Floyd