Re:NIF Pres. Naomi Chazan's retirement dinner in San Francisco - 6/25/12 (see inside)

The New Israel Fund is a civil liberties organization, dedicated to "Equality and democracy for all Israelis". The Israeli government is BIG GOVERNMENT, taking billions from the US taxpayer -- but the NIF lobbies for civil liberties; it does not lobby for more weapons.
The NIF recently supported campaigns against:--Attacks on African refugees- Gender Segregation- Arson of a mosque- Torture
The NIF supports groups like: Association for Civil Rights in Israel Yesh Din, which is volunteer human rights lawyers for Palestinians Physicians for Human Rights, Israel branch Public Committee Against Torture in Israel
They succeeded in having certain forms of torture stopped in Israel.
(All of the above also comes from the Wikipedia article)

NIF Pres. Naomi Chazan's retirement dinner
Monday June 25, 2012
6:00 PM Cocktails / 7:00 PM Dinner
The Four Seasons Hotel
757 Market St
San Francisco CA

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Naomi Chazan