RE: [lpsf-discuss] The missing 13th Amendment

Thanks, Starchild. Very interesting story, indeed. (If anybody hasn't printed out the whole thing, I'd suggest doing just the first 18 pages; the rest of the chapters are a rambling rant with not much connection to the original story.)

StarChild wrote:

  This is an absolutely fascinating story.... the history here may be
even more astounding than that surrounding the question of whether the
16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (regarding a federal income
tax) was properly ratified, and the issue at stake perhaps even more

Btw, I recently read a bit about the 16th Amendment and the gist of it was that it has been attacked in court many times without success. The attack is based on Congress not passing a formal resolution to admit Ohio as a state in 1803. The courts are generally of the opinion that if everyone believed it was a state for the 150 years until 1953, it was. This seems like a reasonable position to me.

-- Steve