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Thanks, I understand now. To be honest I think that way sometimes. But not being active hasn't worked either....who knows?


Fighting the state may strengthen it, I don't really know either way. But infiltrating the state and using it to dismantle itself seems to me a great idea.


Mike Denny wrote:

Thanks, I understand now. To be honest I think that way sometimes. But not being active hasn�t worked either�.who knows?


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I read him as arguing against political activity per se, on the grounds that fighting the State only strengthens it. I don't recall his mentioning the LP specifically. Did I read too quickly?

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    Mike: you said

    Also an interesting argument against the LP.

    What are you referring to?


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    I don't know anything about the author, and can't access the
    starseed URL he asks us to acknowledge, but this is a terrific,
    mind-bending article, perfect for all my liberal friends. Also an
    interesting argument against the LP.

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                    TAO of GUN

                    Spiritual Sovereignty
                    and the Hypocrisy of Gun Control


                    Richard Roberts

                    This essay addresses gun control and Second
                    Amendment issues from a Spiritual perspective and
                    develops the following themes:

                � It is hypocritical to affirm that human beings are
                responsible for their reality and at the same time ask
                the State to take away guns to make the world safer.

                � We are sovereign beings who have projected our
                sovereign rights onto others to control us by
                licensing our rights back to us as privileges.

                � There are no victims. There are no oppressors.* *We
                are responsible for our own self-defense, our own
                well-being and our own problems.

                � By supporting any State enforced gun control we deny
                our heritage as sovereign spiritual beings in human
                form. We also put ourselves, our loved ones and our
                communities at a statistically greater physical risk.

                � Making the world a better place comes through the
                personal transformation of consciousness, not through
                external State control.

                � The first step to regain sovereignty is discovering
                how much you've given away to the State and to the
                "good opinion of others." A good way to discover that
                is apply for a gun license, buy a gun and -- tell your

                � You are still a sovereign being. Now, go create a

                Copyright � 2000 Richard Roberts. All Rights Reserved.
                Permission to cite and excerpt is granted provided
                material is unchanged, author is credited and this URL
                is referenced*.
                *Last revision, February 2, 2000.
                Links invited.
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                � *Introduction*

                � *New Age Hypocrisy*

                o You Create Your Own Reality - Sometimes

                o Fear of the Responsibility of Personal Power

                o Bullets or Arrows?

                o Creative Visualization and Wishful Thinking

                o "Thank God I Don't Have a Gun!"

                o Isn't It Ironic?

                o 3D Choices

                � *Non-Violence and Self-Defense*

                o The Right to Choose - (Defense)

                o Gandhi and Non-Violence

                o Christ, Non-Violence and Self Defense

                o The Medical Model

                o The Prozac Connection

                � *Irritating Firearm Facts*

                o The Second Amendment

                o Guns Save Lives

                � *The Politics of Control*

                o Legislating Safety

                � Cause and Effect

                � The Compassion Fascist

                o Unintended Consequences

                o Dying of Consumption

                o Just Try Buying a Gun

                o The Global Village

                � Disarming the Village

                � Seeds of Gun Confiscation

                � Some Historic Fruits of Gun Confiscation

                � For The Children . . .

                o Better Government or No Government?

                � Whom Do You Trust (with Power)?

                � The Ultimate Heresy

                � *The Individual and Community*

                o Exercise of Freedom

                o Energetic Solutions Instead of External Restrictions

                � Lighthouses of Prayer

                � Power of Prayer

                o Personal and Community Responsibility

                o Q&A

                � *Spiritual Sovereignty*

                o Waking Up

                o Acting In Consciousness

                o Reclaiming Power

                o The Sovereign Outlaw

                o Transmutation and Reverberation

                � *Notes*

                � *Bibliography*


                � Quotes

                � Links

                On April 30, 1999, Hollis Littlecreek, my flute
                teacher, mentor and friend, passed from this world.
                Hollis, an Anishinabe Native American elder who freely
                shared his teachings, was an important catalyst at
                many points in my life. How appropriate that on the
                day Hollis left, I would apply for my Massachusetts
                Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit. I could imagine
                him laughing to himself. For while his pipe, his
                flutes and his tools were never far away, neither was
                his gun -- and among those who visited with him, I was
                one of the most unlikely to get one.

                    As I watched the hysteria grow after the shootings
                    at Columbine High School in Colorado, I realized
                    that if I would ever want a gun, best to get it
                    now, because it would only be more difficult later.

                    I was under no immediate personal threat. In fact,
                    whether traveling in India or driving cab in New
                    York, I've always felt safe and protected. My
                    reasons were more pragmatic -- like buying a
                    chainsaw now because you just learned you might
                    not be able to buy one when you would need it.

                    I learned a lot buying a gun. I encountered
                    Byzantine regulations and media programmed biases.
                    I made surprising legal, factual and historical
                    discoveries. I faced uncomfortable contradictions
                    in my beliefs about personal power, sovereignty,
                    and an individual's rights and responsibilities
                    within the community. I also reexamined my beliefs
                    and actions and my responsibilities to the world
                    our children will inherit.

                    After encountering some pretty strong anti-gun
                    feelings when talking with New Age acquaintances,
                    I ran a survey
                    to better understand New Age sentiments toward
                    guns. This article developed from that survey and
                    the research and numerous conversations that followed.

                    New Age Hypocrisy
                    We say we create our own reality. We say we're
                    responsible for our experience. We say we attract
                    the events in our life. We say our beliefs affect
                    our experience.

                    We also say that agents of the State should be
                    more active in regulating the purchase and use of
                    guns. (See survey
                    This is the same State we don't trust to regulate
                    Vitamin C. This is the same State that wages the
                    drug war. This is the same State we don't want
                    irradiating our food. But, we want this State to
                    regulate guns. In fact, many of us even think it's
                    a good idea that only agents of this State be
                    allowed to have guns.

                    As Ann Coulter asks in a recent article
                    <> in
                    /George Magazine/, "Why is it that the same people
                    who have the least confidence in the police and
                    military are the most willing to allow only the
                    police and military to have guns?"

                    I think most of us in the New Age community aren't
                    intentionally hypocritical, we just suffer from
                    what I call the Paint Chip Syndrome. The paint
                    chip looks great in the hardware store, but when
                    you actually paint your wall, you wonder what you
                    were thinking.

                    In one room in our consciousness, we agree with
                    the Catholic mystic, Pierre Tielhard de Chardin
                    that we are co-creators in creation. And as we
                    study the Course in Miracles
                    we learn there is no "other" to blame for our
                    sorrow. Meanwhile, in another room in our
                    consciousness we see someone in such pain that
                    we're moved to tears. No one should have to suffer
                    that. Someone should do something. Someone or
                    something is to blame. "There ought to be a law."
                    We start a petition, pass a law, illegalize a thing.

                    As Jane Roberts' channeled entity, Seth
                    <>, described, we carry
                    contradictory beliefs. Each may appear logical
                    within its own particular context, but when
                    they're set side-by-side in the same room, the
                    contradiction is obvious.

                    A good example of this disconnect is in the
                    survey. Nearly one fourth (23%) of the New Age
                    respondents each individually agreed or strongly
                    agreed with both of the following statements:

                        "Gun control laws only affect law-abiding
                        citizens -- criminals will still be able to
                        obtain handguns illegally whenever they want."

                        "If the laws on gun ownership were stricter
                        than they are now, the overall number of
                        violent crimes would be reduced."

                    How can we with one breath repeat Louise L. Hay's
                    first affirmation in her book /You Can Heal Your
                    Life/, "We are each 100% responsible for all of
                    our experiences", and then with the next breath
                    insist the State forbid a particular sharp object
                    so our world will feel safer?

                    Affirmations not in alignment with our beliefs are
                    impotent, no matter how emotionally soothing they
                    feel at the time. Accepting and directing the
                    power and creativity of our non-physical selves
                    requires conscious, integrated and coherent focus.

                    *You Create Your Own Reality - Sometimes
                    *Some New Age folks play the parking space game.
                    You know, visualize the parking space at the
                    entrance to the supermarket on a busy Saturday and
                    ta-da, there it is. I do it. Although I've not
                    kept precise stats, I at least imagine it works
                    quite well. It's fun to take credit for a
                    hard-to-find parking space. It's less easy to take
                    responsibility for a flat tire, or an accident, or
                    an assault.

                    Accepting responsibility for everything may not be
                    easy at first. You certainly won't find much
                    support for that approach on TV, or in magazines
                    or newspapers. We cannot pick and choose the
                    realities for which we'll accept responsibility.
                    We either get to own it all and live as the
                    responsible sovereigns we are, or blame it all and
                    playing the role of victim, look to others and the
                    State for protection and compensation for our

                    The question is, "Who is responsible for my life?"

                    *Fear of the Responsibility of Personal Power
                    *Why do so many of us otherwise sensible and
                    intellectually honest New Age folks support State
                    mandated gun restrictions? I think one reason is
                    that we're uncomfortable with the full
                    responsibility of our personal power.

                    I lived in an ashram for many years. It was a very
                    seductive environment for me (at seventeen). I
                    didn't need to think too much. My life was figured
                    out. Even my afterlife was figured out. All I
                    needed to do was meditate, work hard, and
                    participate in a few group activities. I knew I
                    was in heaven and I was helping to bring
                    enlightenment to the world. Whenever someone was
                    thinking about moving out, everyone else would try
                    to convince them to stay for their own good. But
                    now I think there was another, more important
                    reason. You had to keep people from leaving lest
                    you doubt your own reasons for staying.

                    The dominant paradigm for much of our culture is
                    the Cult of the Victim. It is a very seductive
                    cult. We don't need to think too much. Entire
                    systems are in place to support us and reward us
                    for our victimization. Sovereign people who accept
                    the responsibility of their personal power
                    threaten the Cult of Victim. So like crabs in a
                    bucket who pull back any crab that tries to
                    escape, the victim culture acts reflexively to
                    squash acts of power.

                    Gun ownership is the quintessential threatening
                    act of power to the victim paradigm. It's like
                    waving a pentagram in Salem, Massachusetts in the
                    1600's. Deep down folks know they're responsible.
                    But their denial requires they eliminate anything
                    that reminds them of what they're denying. That
                    may explain much of the negative reactions to my
                    owning and wearing a gun.

                    Gun ownership requires that a person acknowledge
                    and ponder at great length the responsibility of
                    their personal power. Nothing symbolizes that
                    responsibility like putting on a gun. And nothing
                    threatens someone who's afraid of the
                    responsibility of their personal power like
                    someone wearing a gun.

                    Whom does the gun in the care of the good-hearted
                    person threaten? It threatens the criminal, the
                    State apparently, and also individuals who have
                    learned to fear the responsibility of their
                    personal power and the unpredictable potential of
                    their spiritual sovereignty should it ever be free
                    of externally imposed restrictions.

                    *Bullets or Arrows?
                    *I have a bullet on a necklace I sometimes wear.
                    It gets interesting reactions and looks. My
                    friend, who thinks the State should confiscate all
                    guns, wears an arrowhead on his necklace and no
                    one blinks an eye. Some tell me, "You've gone too
                    far now," "A kid could never sneak a bow and arrow
                    to school," or "We romanticize arrowheads because
                    they remind us of a time before there were guns."

                    For those who wish to return to a world without
                    guns, do they really understand the implications
                    and responsibility of taking away the tools which
                    the outnumbered and overpowered need, which the
                    women, the elderly, and the disabled need to
                    protect their bodies and children from thugs with
                    clubs or bows and arrows?

                    We revere Native Americans as keepers of wisdom.
                    We honor them for sharing their teachings of
                    prophecy, community living, and caring for the
                    earth. Every New Age bookstore has shelves of
                    books about the teachings and sufferings of Native
                    Americans. Ironically, many of the people who buy
                    "Free Leonard Peltier
                    <>" bumper stickers and
                    mourn the Indians' loss of land and life at the
                    hands of the "power hungry Christian, white, males
                    of the United States", now want the same State
                    that took away the Indians' lands and lives to
                    take away the Indians' guns -- again!

                    All my friends who have significant Native
                    American heritage either have guns or support
                    people having guns. I wonder if that has anything
                    to do with remembering a time when their
                    grandparents' grandparents really needed a gun and
                    couldn't get one.

                    *Creative Visualization and Wishful Thinking
                    *When we learn creative visualization we're taught
                    to define our objective clearly, see it as
                    accomplished and release it, knowing it will
                    occur. Just as in prayer, we put our supplication
                    before the Lord not as a whine, but with
                    thanksgiving that the result has already been
                    accomplished. One thing that /doesn't/ work in
                    visualization or prayer, is to instruct the Great
                    Mystery or God or All That Is /how/ you want your
                    goal to be achieved.

                    We want a peaceful and free society for ourselves
                    and our loved ones. That's the goal, the prayer.
                    And now we've presumed to instruct the Almighty
                    how such goal is to be achieved by saying that the
                    State should control the guns. Somehow the means
                    became the goal. Presuming to know the correct
                    means, we seek to impose those means on others.
                    It's against our best interests to limit God's
                    means to achieve our objective. Besides, how can
                    you limit God? God /is /limitless.

                    Remember the bumper sticker, "Visualize World
                    Peace"? Do we want world peace or do we want to
                    live in peace? Both? Well, we're only responsible
                    for our world. As New Age author, Stuart Wilde
                    <> says, "You
                    don't want to mess with world peace -- all you
                    want to do is be peaceful." Perhaps people try to
                    compensate for not being responsible for their own
                    worlds by being responsible for everyone else's
                    world. Most people's worlds are already quite
                    peaceful -- we just have to turn off our TVs and
                    ignore the State alarming us to crisis after
                    manufactured petty crisis.

                        "The whole aim of practical politics is to
                        keep the populace alarmed -- and thus
                        clamorous to be led to safety -- by menacing
                        it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all
                        of them imaginary."
                        /-- H.L. Mencken/

                    We've mixed up wishful thinking with
                    visualization. Imagining what a peaceful world
                    will look like, we attack anything that doesn't
                    match our projection of the final picture. We
                    decide that in a "perfect" world there will be no
                    need for guns, so wishing we were in that world
                    now, we say, "Get rid of guns." But wishing
                    doesn't make it so. It's not about the presence or
                    absence of guns anyway, it's about what's in a
                    person's consciousness, not a person's pocket.

                    The idealists dream of magic wands. But their
                    wands don't work, because as victims, they have
                    denied their own power. So they project their
                    denied power onto the State to perform magic
                    through external control.

                    Just because weapons have been used (mainly by the
                    State against its own people) to destroy people
                    and cultures, does not mean that is the only use
                    for personal firearms. "Get rid of guns!" does not
                    equal "Get rid of war, hate and suffering." This
                    is a task of the heart, of the spirit, not a task
                    to be given to the regulation writers of the State.

                    *"Thank God I Don't Have a Gun!"
                    *Folks who haven't accepted the responsibility of
                    their own personal power and the results of their
                    choices don't seem to readily accept it in others.
                    Perhaps folks who haven't dealt with their own
                    demons figure everyone else is just like them,
                    ready to blow up at the next insult, and God
                    forbid they have a gun.

                    In /Rambo and the Dalai Lama/, Gordon Fellman
                    writes about his feelings while reading an account
                    of firearms training at Jeff Cooper
                    Gunsite Ranch,

                        I finished reading Gobson's account with a
                        gripping fantasy that I would take the Gunsite
                        course. I wanted to feel the thrill and power
                        Gibson did. I know murderous rage, but for the
                        first time, I felt something in me that would
                        like to soldier, to shoot and slay. I imagined
                        killing Nazis in muddy battles in World War II
                        and hunting down rapists and child-molesters
                        in big cities and beating, strangling, and
                        shooting them. I imagined myself, Rambolike,
                        living on the edge, honing survival skills and
                        cleverly fashioning weapons to destroy my
                        enemies with perfect mastery and no aftermath
                        of guilt.

                    From reading Mr. Fellman's book I've gathered that
                    he supports gun control and it's no surprise if he
                    thinks everyone is as full of the self-absorbed
                    frustration, hate, anger, violence and revenge as
                    he represents himself to be.

                    It's almost cliche� to read of the man who snaps
                    and goes on some spree of violence: "He was such a
                    nice, quiet man."

                    *Isn't It Ironic?
                    *Many in the New Age community support a woman's
                    right to choose to continue or end a pregnancy,
                    but not her right to use a gun to protect her child.

                    Many support a woman's right to control her own
                    body, but not her right to protect it with a gun.

                    Many support the rights of the disabled to have
                    access to bathrooms, theaters and restaurants, but
                    not access to the effective personal defense of a gun.

                    Many support not "judging" others' lifestyles, but
                    then immediately judge those who choose to protect
                    themselves and others with a gun.

                    Many support respecting the diversity of
                    religions, cultures and sexual preferences, but
                    not the diversity of choosing a gun to preserve
                    the well-being of our selves, our families and our

                    *3D Choices
                    *We make choices in 3D all the time. Many of those
                    choices are about personal safety and defending
                    our selves, our family, our home, our community
                    and our planet. We put on our seat belts, install
                    fire extinguishers, put our babies in child safety
                    seats, lock our doors, recycle, organize to keep
                    the local landfill away from the town reservoir.
                    We stop using freon, asbestos and lead-based
                    paint. We eat organic foods, exercise, use
                    condoms, take seminars and go to ceremonies. We
                    buy car insurance to protect our car, home
                    insurance to protect our house and possessions,
                    health insurance to protect our bodies and money.
                    We even read books on psychic shielding.

                    We revere the Native American tradition of making
                    choices based on what's best for the coming
                    /seven/ generations. And then we support more gun
                    control, the one thing that made all the genocides
                    and massacres of civilians throughout history

                    *Non-Violence and Self-Defense

                        Christ's view on self-defense was clear,
                        asserts Douglas Kennard, a theology professor
                        at Moody Bible Institute, a seminary in
                        Chicago, and teaching karate sends the wrong
                        message to churchgoers. "For those who are
                        kingdom-bound, we should allow ourselves to be
                        abused," he says. "Even to the point of
                        repeatedly being abused."
                        /-- Wall Street Journal, Thursday October 28,
                        1999, front page article on teaching karate in

                    Many people are uncomfortable with the concept of
                    self-defense. Some Christians, like the writer
                    above, completely reject the concept. Some equate
                    personal self-defense with the Mutually Assured
                    Destruction (MAD) strategy of nuclear warfare.
                    Some reject self-defense, because its need or
                    preparation means failure to envision and create a
                    better world. They would say that preparing to
                    defend yourself simply reinforces the possibility
                    of attack.

                    In spirit, we may know there is no death and even
                    though there are times we may not fear death, this
                    physical 3D experience is still precious. All
                    beings have a right, inherent in their existence,
                    to defend that existence in this beautiful 3D
                    creation. All have a right and duty to preserve
                    and protect their family's and their community's
                    existence as well. This is not about competition.
                    This is not about control. This is not about
                    violence for its own sake. This is about honoring
                    the sacredness of this experience of life in 3D.
                    This is about honoring and protecting our own, our
                    family's and our community's right to life,
                    liberty and however we choose to pursue happiness.

                    Some utopian views may include no need for
                    self-defense and I don't begrudge such visions.
                    But why are some folks so insistent all of a
                    sudden that only the police, military and other
                    agents of the State should have guns? Why are they
                    so eager to take them away from regular folk?
                    What's the difference between the person who hits
                    you and the person who ties your hands so that
                    someone else can hit you? Whoever takes away your
                    ability to defend yourself needs to be defended

                    In the atmosphere of today's victim mentality,
                    self-defense can be an irritating reminder of
                    personal responsibility. Self-defense also can be
                    an irritating reminder of spiritual sovereignty.
                    Metaphysically, do we think events occur accidentally?

                    *The Right to Choose - (Defense)
                    *Since we are responsible (response-able), we have
                    a right to choose how to respond. Actually, we
                    can't /not/ make that choice.

                    Increasingly we are being trained to give our
                    response-ability over to others. We are taught to
                    seek help, not self-defend. We're taught to call
                    police (with guns, by the way) to respond after
                    the fact to a day-care/school/church shooting, but
                    we're shocked at the idea of a private individual
                    carrying a gun in a day-care/school/church. (See A
                    Nation of Cowards

                    I imagine a person who lost a family member in a
                    school or church shooting being offered a chance
                    to replay the tragedy with only one difference --
                    that an armed woman or man of good heart be
                    present who /might/ avert or lessen the tragedy. I
                    can't believe that even the staunchest supporter
                    of gun confiscation would hesitate for a moment to
                    give anything to replay the scene again -- to have
                    a woman or man of good heart at the scene with a
                    gun tucked beneath their sweater

                    Many people expect benefits without
                    responsibility. Not aware of the process, we hire
                    others to do our messy work. Then we criminalize
                    or demonize the activity for everyone else, so we
                    don't feel pressured to do it ourselves. For
                    instance, some people who disdain the hunting and
                    trapping of free, wild animals pay others to
                    raise, kill and butcher animals under unnatural
                    and often inhumane conditions. Some who support
                    gun confiscation travel with their own armed
                    bodyguards or police protection.

                    Some say you don't need a gun because the police
                    are there to protect you. However,

                        In 1856, the U.S. Supreme Court (South v.
                        Maryland) found that law enforcement officers
                        had no duty to protect any individual. Their
                        duty is to enforce the law in general. More
                        recently, in 1982 (Bowers v. DeVito), the
                        Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit held,
                        "...there is no Constitutional right to be
                        protected by the state against being murdered
                        by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the
                        state fails to protect its residents... but it
                        does not violate... the Constitution." Later
                        court decisions concurred: the police have no
                        duty to protect you.
                        /- (various)/

                        "Women are supposed to be 'nice.' They like to
                        think of themselves as nurturing and they
                        don't like to think about hurting someone,"
                        explains Dr. Helen Smith, 38, a forensic
                        psychologist in Knoxville, Tennessee. Smith,
                        who works with violent criminals in the
                        courts, sees the aftermath of violence, some
                        of it gun-related, on a near daily basis.
                        Which is exactly why she says she's pro-gun.

                        "I see so many women shot dead," she explains.
                        "An ex-husband comes back to the house, and if
                        she doesn't have a gun..." She says women hop
                        on the gun-control bandwagon because it feels
                        right, because they don't understand how guns
                        work, and because they don't want to take the
                        responsibility of protecting themselves.

                        "When women get on their high horse, what they
                        don't realize is they're taking away someone's
                        right to self-protection," she says. "If you
                        want to die on the street, that's fine."
                        /-- //Source

                    In 3D, all beings have the inherent right to
                    protect themselves, their families and their
                    villages from lethal force. To acknowledge that
                    right, acknowledges the need for an effective
                    response. You cannot acknowledge a right and at
                    the same time deny the means to exercise it.

                        "The irony is, if you're willing to kill a
                        perpetrator, you probably won't have to."
                        /-- //Massad Ayoob <>,
                        Lethal Force Institute/

                        Once I would have described myself as
                        "non-violent" (in fact, once I was, to the
                        point of never defending myself) -- but after
                        a lot of consideration I have decided that
                        what I am now is "nonaggressive."

                        Violence is the use of destructive force
                        against an object, or a person who doesn't
                        welcome it. Unfortunately, self-defense often
                        involves violence.

                        I cannot claim I am "non-violent" or "anti
                        violence," because I am pro self-defense. I
                        simply believe that one should never INITIATE
                        violence. I believe that most people would
                        describe themselves this way if you put this
                        distinction before them in those words.
                        /-- //C.D. Tavares

                    **Gandhi and Non-Violence
                    *When discussing non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi
                    comes to mind. I used to interpret non-violence as
                    passivity in the face of violence, but Gandhi's
                    approach was never passive.

                    Gandhi believed non-violence had to be a choice.
                    He said a mouse can't be non-violent with a cat,
                    because a mouse doesn't have the potential to be
                    violent with a cat. Indeed, non-violence is only
                    possible from a position of power where there is
                    the choice, the tools and the ready opportunity to
                    be violent.

                    More importantly, Gandhi's philosophy was about
                    shifting paradigms, not conquering a violent
                    opponent, as Mark Shepard writes:

                        How, then, to oppose injustice and reform
                        society? I hoped that Gandhi held the answer.
                        It seemed to me he had meant to work out just
                        what I was looking for: a way of defeating and
                        overthrowing the oppressors of the world, but
                        by moral means.

                        That was my myth about Gandhi; that was my
                        filter. I had to read an entire book and a
                        half about Gandhi before it struck me -- and
                        it struck me hard -- that Gandhi was not
                        talking about defeating or overthrowing anyone.

                        /Satyagraha/ -- Gandhi's nonviolent action --
                        was not a way for one group to seize what it
                        wanted from another. It was not a weapon of
                        class struggle, or of any other kind of
                        division. Satyagraha was instead an instrument
                        of unity. It was a way to remove injustice and
                        restore social harmony, to the benefit of both

                        Satyagraha, strange as it seems, was for the
                        opponent's sake as well. When Satyagraha
                        worked, both sides won.

                        That concept did not pass at all easily
                        through my filter, and I understand why so
                        many others miss it entirely. But it is,
                        really, the essential difference between
                        Gandhi's Satyagraha and so much of the
                        nonviolent action practiced by others.

                        You may wonder, how did Gandhi himself come to
                        this amazing attitude? He said it this way:
                        "All my actions have their source in my
                        inalienable love of humankind."

                        /-- Mark Shepard, "Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths"/

                    Similarly, my objective with this essay is not
                    merely to change gun confiscation laws or who's in
                    Congress. My objective is to bring about a greater
                    awareness and acceptance of our responsibility for
                    our world.

                        "No lasting change is ever wrought from without."
                        /-- Ken Carey/

                    Lasting change comes from waking up to our
                    inherent personal spiritual sovereignty. To wake
                    up, we first have to realize we're sleeping. We
                    have to realize just how unsovereign we've allowed
                    ourselves to be treated. We gradually become aware
                    of how our beliefs and assumptions are programmed
                    and legislated -- they're not really our beliefs
                    at all. They are what Taisha Abelar in /Sorcerer's
                    Crossing/ calls a forced inventory in our memory

                    The way I came face to face with my forced
                    inventory and my programmed assumptions was to
                    become familiar with guns and how we view them.

                        "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule
                        in India, history will look upon the act of
                        depriving a whole nation of arms, as the
                        /- -Mahatma Gandhi, "Gandhi, An
                        Autobiography", page 446/

                    *Christ, Non-Violence and Self defense
                    *Many accept Jesus Christ as the epitome of

                        "Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye
                        for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say
                        unto you, That ye resist not evil: but
                        whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek,
                        turn to him the other also."
                        /-- Matthew 5:38,39/

                    Actually, that's excellent advice for any
                    concealed carry gun safety class. You'll find that
                    folks carrying guns are extremely polite and go
                    out of their way to avoid confrontation. If you're
                    getting slapped on your right cheek (more an
                    insult than an assault) and your life and limb are
                    not in grave, imminent and unavoidable danger, you
                    should offer the other cheek before you even hint
                    that you have a gun.

                    I doubt Christ intended this verse to apply to
                    grave bodily harm or lethal force, (but whosoever
                    shall cut off one arm, offer him the other also .
                    . .).

                    For me, the key is in Christ's admonition "that ye
                    resist not evil." As we'll see later, the real
                    change is to be made in the arena of energy and
                    consciousness, not by confronting evil on its own
                    terms which only reinforces it.

                    Also, the translation of the sixth commandment,
                    "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13) is
                    misleading. I recently learned the word that was
                    translated "kill" actually means to "murder from a
                    hidden place." The commandment would more
                    accurately be translated, "Thou shalt not murder."

                    *The Medical Model
                    *Medicine is shifting from a mechanistic world
                    view to a holistic world view. The field of
                    medicine and health is developing consciousness
                    based interventions instead of relying solely on
                    mechanical interventions to address various
                    "disease expressions." The strictly mechanistic
                    approach that removes the tumor and ignores the
                    person and his or her world is accepted less and less.

                        "The mechanism of illness is not the origin of
                        /-- Dr. Deepak Chopra/

                    Dr. Chopra <> teaches the
                    need to trust spirit as we explore health and the
                    origins of illness, even if it takes us past
                    expected options.

                    These same insights also apply to society and the
                    individual. We can no longer afford to assume that
                    the mechanism of a social illness is the same as
                    the origin of a social illness.

                    Illness is feedback, whether on the individual
                    level or the social level. A tumor in the body can
                    cause pain and suffering, even death. We now know
                    that if we remove a tumor and the affected organ
                    but ignore or leave unchanged the underlying
                    cause, the body is frustrated and confused because
                    the feedback the body created is gone, but the
                    reason it created the feedback still exists. So
                    the body sends another message and perhaps
                    sacrifices another organ, and another.

                    Illness in society is no different. Violent
                    attacks, whether with gasoline, fertilizer, knives
                    or guns, are symptoms, feedback of an underlying
                    cause. As long as we address only the symptom and
                    not the underlying cause, the feedback will get
                    louder and more insistent.

                    On the cellular level, the human body maintains a
                    level of high alert. Macrophage cells, T-cells,
                    B-cells and Natural Killer Cells roam the body on
                    the lookout for cellular threats. When this
                    cellular self defense system encounters a
                    threatening cell, the Natural Killer Cells shoot a
                    bullet of tumor necrosis factor that penetrates
                    the cell membrane and kills the offending cell.

                    We know that our attitudes impact our cells'
                    performance. High stress and an attitude of
                    "What's the use?" is communicated to the immune
                    system and the immune response cells take up the
                    refrain of "What's the use?" and allow diseased
                    cells to proliferate. In the same way, if a person
                    rejects the very concept of self defense, then
                    what should we expect the Natural Killer Cells to
                    do with that information?

                        The data from the 1990 Harvard Medical
                        Practice Study suggest that 150,000 Americans
                        die every year from doctors' negligence --
                        compared with 38,000 gun deaths annually. Why
                        are doctors not declared a public health
                        menace? Because they save more lives than they
                        take. And so it is with guns. Every year, good
                        Americans use guns about 2.5 million times to
                        protect themselves and their families, which
                        means 65 lives are protected by guns for every
                        life lost to a gun.
                        /-- Dr. Edgar Suter, San Francisco Chronicle,
                        7/12/94, Opinion (p. A17)./

                    *The Prozac Connection
                    *Guns are not the only item present when a
                    murderer intent on killing another human being
                    pulls the trigger. Drugs are almost always
                    present. And not just the ones the State has
                    decided to make illegal. No, the drugs that are
                    often present are State approved SSRI
                    antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox,
                    Serzone, Effexor, Anafranil, Fenfluramine
                    (Fen-Phen and Redux), Deseryl, Meridia, and other
                    serotonin increasing drugs.

                    Among the adverse signs and symptoms of SSRI
                    antidepressants which Harvey Sternbach, M.D. lists
                    the following in his report /The Serotonin
                    Syndrome/ are the following:

                        Insomnia or bad dreams, agitation or
                        restlessness, hostility, anxiety, anger,
                        violent thoughts and/or violence, suicidal
                        thoughts or behavior, self destructive
                        behavior, rage, panic, confusion, superhuman
                        strength-energy, mood swings, unconcerned
                        about consequences, out of control behavior,
                        and altered personality.

                    Prozac - Panacea or Pandora
                    Prozac Survivors' Support Group <>
                    Kids, Drugs, Guns and Psychopolitics

                    * <>*
                    Irritating Firearm Facts
                    The focus of this essay is not the wisdom of
                    America's founding fathers in writing the Second
                    Amendment. Nor is it about adding another bit of
                    data to the ongoing statistical wrestling match
                    over gun confiscation. This essay is primarily
                    about our inherent spiritual sovereignty being at
                    odds with relying on external State controls.

                    Nevertheless, here are some leads if you're
                    interested in facts. Unfortunately, I don't
                    believe the disagreement on this topic is rooted
                    in facts. If it really were about facts, safety
                    and well being, guns would be as common as seat
                    belts, and gun training as accepted as drivers

                    *The Second Amendment*

                        "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to
                        the security of a free State, the right of the
                        people to keep and bear arms shall not be
                        /--U.S. Constitution/

                    Some say that the Second Amendment acknowledges a
                    preexisting individual right to keep and bear arms
                    for both personal safety and to check inevitable
                    state tyranny.

                    - Gun Cite <>
                    - The Supreme Court and the Second
                    essay by Don Kates, Jr.
                    - Second Amendment Foundation <>
                    - Independence Institute <>
                    - The Unabridged Second Amendment

                    Some say the Second Amendment only allows the
                    states to have a militia, now called the National

                    - American Civil Liberties Union
                    - American Bar Association

                    **Guns Save Lives
                    *"If it saves the life of even one child, it's
                    worth getting rid of that gun!"

                    Unfortunately it's not that simple. There's
                    volumes of research on this point. If there wasn't
                    a larger agenda at work here, and if it was just
                    about the safety for our communities, our children
                    and our elders, then gun ownership would be widely
                    supported and encouraged. But then if it were
                    about facts, doctors would be prescribing prayer
                    circles for all post-op patients, too.

                    Some say that guns save lives:

                    - John Lott's More Guns, Less Crime
                    - Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
                    <> (JPFO)
                    - Links to Source Studies
                    <> provided
                    by Gun Owners of America <>
                    - A Letter to Elizabeth

                    Some say that the presence of guns increases the
                    likelihood of gun accidents and deaths:

                    - Handgun Control, Inc.
                    - Violence Policy Center <>

                    What do you think? Visit Oleg Volk's survey
                    <> and find out!

                    The Politics of Control
                    Keeping sharp objects out of reach is not always
                    the wisest choice. Hollis once described how he
                    learned not to touch hot stoves. His grandfather
                    explained to him that when the stove was hot he
                    shouldn't touch it. Then Hollis touched the hot

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