RE: [lpsf-discuss] Spirituality, Monotheism, and the State

I understand but take a look at what Harland sent from their site…and his comments. I can’t say I disagree with him. In my conversations with Kris and Father at Acton regarding drugs, prostitution and abortion, they do not take the libertarian approach as Harland correctly stated.
"Sin: Although human beings in their created nature are good, in their current state, they are fallen and corrupted by sin. The reality of sin makes the state necessary to restrain evil. The ubiquity of sin, however, requires that the state be limited in its power and jurisdiction. The persistent reality of sin requires that we be skeptical of all utopian "solutions" to social ills such as poverty and injustice."
The "Acton Institute" may support a free market in most goods, but they will probably seek to suppress everything "sinful" or associated with civll liberties. Their philosophy is conservative, and anti-liberal, but that does not make them libertarian.

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