RE: [lpsf-discuss] Signatures for Phil

I already called everyone in 94121

My cell is 608-0269 if you find someone. I'd prefer the outer Sunset to
the Inner Richmond. Don't know what zip that it.


Hooray, I turned in 56 signitures, 46
of which I think are solid, got the
nominatiion papers and swore an oath
to obey protect and defend the
Constitution against all enemies,
foreign and domestic. I told the
election official I would love to see it
when Nancy P comes down ther to
take the oath and lies her ass off.

Super special thanks to Jawg and
Mike DEnny. plus Starchild,and
others. Now it's on to victory in
The elction folks will let me know in a
few days how many more Nomination
forms if any are needed.
off to the cruise convention...