RE: [lpsf-discuss] SFModerates Mentions Libertarians

Seems like a great organization to solicit for our Tax Day event. No?

Let me know if you need help contacting them.


Hi Mike,

Aubrey and I (the Tax Day "Committee") would love for you to promote Tax Day with San Francisco Moderates.

This panel discussion, I think, is not the usual one-sided view of things. We are hoping to have many views heard, since the "housing for all" objective that San Francisco is getting into has many pluses and minuses. Nobody is talking about water and infrastructure. Nobody is talking about what the increasing government ownership of dwellings will do to current private owners. Why are not private owners getting into the discussion? Why all we hear are the voices of advocates for subsidized housing? Are there ways to keep the diversity alive without government owning practically all the housing?

Yes, Mike and everyone, any help promoting this opportunity for discussion would be very much appreciated.