RE: [lpsf-discuss] SF Pride President Capitulates to Military Groups; Protest Monday April 29

I agree but I wouldn't call it divisive. I'd call it inspiring. There might be a tiny minority in favor of war but they are not being forced out of the parade.

They are free to carry their pro-war message while the lines can still be clearly drawn. Newsome did not pander to bigotry for fear of divisiveness on the gay marriage thing. The bigots and war mongers alike, have already done the dividing.

I am coming in late to this discussion so might have missed some good points. So I am not clear as to what the demonstration is about -- negotiating with the corporate sponsors in hopes they will agree to expose themselves to public scrutiny? dispensing with sponsors and charging vendors what it costs? dispensing with sponsors and taxing the public for what it costs? charging a gate fee to cover all costs?

He who pays the piper calls the tune, so I hope the payer can be convinced to call a different tune, or the demonstrators can find a different payer.