RE: [lpsf-discuss] SF Chronicle Publishes My Anti-SFPD LTE with Libertarian Affiliation

You are soooo correct about the SFPD! This didn't just happen recently however. This has been a problem for many years and was documented in the book "The Best of Times: A Life in California". I recently had a letter published in the Daily Journal, April 29-30, 2006.
Bob Parkhurst

Dear Editor,

In his letter of April 26th, one of your frequent letter writers who constantly complains so much about the United States and her interference in other countries affairs has now found something else to complain about, namely that she does not interfere enough. He evidently feels there is not enough socialism south of our border and suggests a number of books to help us understand his claim.

This writer agrees with me that, �When you have a population with limited possibilities they will go where they must to feed their families�. A quick review of any encyclopedia will confirm that south of our border does not lack the socialist, totalitarian government bureaucracies that brought on this disparity in wealth. If one is interested in how this disparity in wealth came about one could read �The Best of Times: A Life in California�. You can buy it at Borders or try reading, �Why Government Doesn�t Work� by the late Harry Browne.

As far as the writer�s question, �What are the seeds of the present immigration problem?� I can say that I would rather deal with a thousand honest, hard-working even-illegal immigrants than just one frequent letter-writer who evidently dislikes the U.S. so much.

Robert Parkhurst

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