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Good luck with your new group. Hope it is a huge success.
Marge and Bob

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Subject: [lpsf-discuss] REMINDER - Neighbors For Property Rights meeting

- 6pm tonight

Thanks, guys! I received your eminent domain petitions in the mail -- thanks for those as well.

  Regarding the Cynthia McKinney incident: I have seen on many occasions the arrogance with which security guards in these types of locations typically conduct themselves. They expect members of the public to meekly obey their barked orders, forgetting who is paying their salaries and who is supposed to be in charge -- the people. But since the people are farther than ever from being in charge, maybe the fear of treating someone rudely only to find out it's actually a member of Congress they've been treating like shit will help keep their power-trips in check. It's also good for Congress members to have this kind of run-in with the law from time to time. Helps them remember what ordinary people have to deal with all the time, and reminds them that they aren't above the law.

  In my fantasy, the guard would have said to her, "Do you expect special treatment because you're a member of Congress? I'm just treating you with the normal arrogance and superiority with which I would treat any of your constituents, whether they were white, black, or brown. Do you think you're better than they are? In my book ten of you isn't the moral equivalent of one of them. If you actually have some compassion and don't like the way people are treated by us in general, maybe you ought to think about how the laws you help to pass encourage this kind of police state climate and contempt for the civil liberties and basic human dignity of ordinary Americans. And you know what? You're welcome to throw your weight around and try to get me fired, because I already quit. Today is my last day. I quit because I'm sick of working for people like you who think you're above the law, and your rotten, corrupt system that is a slap in the face to ordinary working stiffs and the people who founded this country. Go to hell, Ms. McKinney. Yes, I know *exactly* who you are!"

Yours in liberty,
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