RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Who and what is libertarian? How libertarian are they?

One more thing...I do provide some things for free that are valuable to
potential clients yet are easy and inexpensive to provide. On my website
at, I outline all the state requirements and the taxes
associated with those markets. I'm also about to provide an on-line
service to help people manage a difficult part of our business on-line
for an extremely low price. The goal of providing this information and
service is to entice people into other aspects of our business that
generate more revenue. Customers are free to enjoy the benefits of the
free and very inexpensive parts of the service without ever buying the
others. Of course the cost of providing this is virtually nil to me
because I have expert knowledge of the area and access to the
information. Anyone who provides costly goods or services for free is
headed for disaster.