RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: "We the People," collective guilt, and Original Sin

Desert Storm for one. We left and afterwards and still was attacked by Middle Easterners.
Now I'm not saying the countries itself. Which makes these battles more difficult. We must root out threats of individuals within those nations.
We will rule nations who's citizens attack us. Americans must go in and find those that'll make us another Israel suicide (be) bombed land.
Its a harsh lesson for countries to except, "thou Kingdom come, thou will be done."
Everyone in the world aren't peace activist. So we have the Peace Corps/Vista and the Marine Corps. which are my alma maters.


  You correctly distinguish between people in the Middle East, and the regimes that claim jurisdiction over them ("Now I'm not saying the countries itself"). If this is a valid distinction, isn't there a similarly valid distinction to be made between individual Americans, and the U.S. government? Elsewhere in the same paragraph, you're still saying "we" when you're obviously referring to the U.S. government.

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