RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: *un*common sense career advice


      You are treading where most libertarians have not dared or imagined to
tread, and I applaud you for it. I don't believe the state and its laws
exist solely as a consequence of misguided people intending to do good.
I don't think statism would have proved so wickedly tenacious if the
desire to control others were not rooted in deep, dark tendencies of
the human soul. In a more enlightened society, the manifestations of
these impulses (e.g. taking pleasure in ordering employees around)
would surely be seen as socially unacceptable, perhaps even looked upon
as a dangerous mental disorder.


Let me clarify that slightly... I think authoritarian urges can be
healthily channeled into consensual dominant/submissive relationships,
but are distasteful (at the least) in other contexts.

Yours in liberty,
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    Thank you greatly; my views aren't exactly typical for libertarians... I spent a number of years orbiting the Left, and while I eventually came to the conclusion that libertarians are simply right about economics, I find more in common with the Left in terms of empathy and culture. I'd sign the Party platform tomorrow, but I personally think that in the long run, social structures that repress and mold people do more to harm human happiness than the state. I think most people learn statism in their childhoods, run by "father knows best" and "because I said so", and I think this statism is continually reinforced by the social forms of class, employment, gender, family, etc. that are simply taken for granted. I *don't* think these problems are solved by bringing in the state to do evil so good may come... but that does not mean that I don't think fighting patriatchy, or conformist corporate heirarchies, or racism and tribalism are not important. Political freedom is absolutely crucial, but it does only slow and limited good if the culture is choked and repressive.

    Aside from that and agreeing with your major point, I don't think "mental disorder" is the best way of thinking of viciuous or counterproductive worldviews or behaviour; I'm a Szaszian here. Personally, I think statism isn;t caused by essential human impulses (which I don't think exist in any particular sense) so much as the experience of pain and despair makes life-denying systems of value plausable... the worst thing oppression of any kind does it confront the victim with a worldview in which happiness is fundamentally an external blessing, not an internal creation.

    And thank you for the clarification on BDSM! As an aspiring professional submissive, I was about to protest! I very much demand the right to contingently delegate self-ownership! You can have my collar after you pry it out of my cold, dead hands. (Great, now we'll get a Department of Chains, Ropes, and Riding Crops)


"If their lives were exotic and strange...
they would likely have gladly exchanged them
     for something, a little more plain;
     maybe something, a little more sane...
We each pay a fabulous price
for our visions of Paradise
but the Spirit...
               of a Vision...
                              is a Dream..."
- Rush, 'Mission'