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Thanks Ron,

It seems that's what I'm trying to say...maybe not clear enough. The idea that ultimate sanction have an origin higher than the state is difficult for some to handle. For Derek and I (and others), we share a common revulsion as well as an appreciation that the real penalty for this crime lies outside the influence of the state. Derek might tend to desire the influence of the state more than I might...but one must remember the state was created because people were sinners. It was intended to be the ultimate sanction against wrong doers. That's all. The more virtuous people are, the less they will want and need the state. The more corrupt they are, the more they will demand from a state. Needless to say, the current level of state involvement is substantially due to human corruption much more than its virtue.

I realize and appreciate the LP doesn't' have a religious component...but Libertarians really need to understand true religiosity is very consistent with Libertarian values.

On abortion...Harry Browne used to say that "while abortion is a very controversial thing I know for sure. The more government gets involved, the more likely it is that men will soon be having them". I love that one. I hate abortion but firmly believe government sanctions are not the ULTIMATE sanctions at all.


Dear Mike;

Sanctions? Hmmmmm ... Is that as if I were to walk through the front doors of St. Agnes and great bolts of lightning would come blasting through the roof incinerating me and not touching anyone else in nearby proximity? :wink:

Ron Getty
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