RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: September 11 - Information and movie screening

A little more respect please Jeremy. Unless you know the people on this
list pretty darned well, you can't very well suggest the people
discussing these issues are "nutjobs" without appearing to be one


On Behalf Of Jeremy Linden

I don't think I agree with your principle that you have to know someone personally to make that sort of claim. Would you have made the same statement if it was Holocaust denial and not insane conspiracy theories that was being discussed? I treat them similarly. And I am sorry for appearing annoyed, but indeed I *am* quite perturbed because these things really do make the LP out to be a bunch of people searching the skies for black helicopters, hiding out in barns until another Waco.


Dear Mike and Jeremey and All Of Us Other Nutjobs Out There :wink:

Remember that mighty oak trees once started out as nuts and out grew being a nut. So maybe there is hope for all the nutjobs out there. ( heh heh heh)

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

BTW: As Gen. McAuliffe said after being surrounded at Bastogne during WWII when asked to surrender by the German army: NUTS!

BTW BTW: courtesy of the Vegetarian Society some background on nuts:

Or if you prefer a little twist some info on nuts bolts screws and fasteners:

BTW BTW BTW: You really didn't think I could pass this up without a little humor???


  Are you implying there's going to be another Waco? What are you, some kind of nutjob? :wink:

  Seriously, I think Libertarians must walk a fine line between seeking and speaking the truth, on one hand, and not appearing to be crazy conspiracy theorists on the other. Some might only want to go as far as calling Social Security a bankrupt Ponzi scheme, while others might question whether the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attacks. But our local group is small enough and filled with enough sincere and amiable people that we should be able to discuss the issues here in friendly terms.

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