RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: property rights & conflict resolution

Dear All,

I'd like to hear some replies to Starchild's concerns that a society left completely without government interference, to be negociated completely by individuals, would resolve righteous disputes of the poor and powerless against the powerful and rich who could use their wealth and power to shield themselves completely from prosecution.

Maybe I missed something but I feel we need to answer this question very clearly if people are going to better understand our position.


Mike Denny

I want to make it clear that anarchy is not my position. I have been discussing anarchy because it's a great theoretical challenge, to think about how one could get along without any government.

My official position is libertarianism, with a small government which protects life, liberty, and property. And I won't change that without a lot more thought and time about anarchy.


Mike Denny wrote: