RE: [lpsf-discuss] RE: Prop 73

Morey said: I really think it is ultimately the parents responsibility
to know where their kids are, whether they have money, and to determine
levels of trust in the childs judgement.

That is correct I don't want any outside institution acting
in any way that would interfere with my responsibility to know where my
kids are. To do so is to encourage my child to lie to me by withholding
the truth. I can assure you I would intervene with that party most

I don't know if you have any kids Morey, but I won't trust my children's
judgment until they are grandparents. I expected my parents to trust me
and they didn't. When I asked my parents when they were going to be my
friends and not my parents; they told me never. I didn't like it at the
time but in hindsight, they were smart to have done it that way. As it
was I found plenty of ways of getting around them without any help from
"helpful" institutions like the public schools. I intend to keep up the
family tradition and encourage others to do likewise.