RE: [lpsf-discuss] RE: Prop 73

Good questions Morey...and I don't support or need any government
"protection". I can protect myself and my family just fine on my
own...thank you very much for asking.

Morey, this is a property rights issue. My children are my property and
in my care and custody until they leave the house and are on their own,
paying their own bills. I don't want any institution public or private
to interfere with this relationship. I'm not worried about it in my
private schools because I pay the bills and control the environment and
these schools would never do such a thing. But I fear for parents who
have their children in these public school propaganda factories who have
very anti-private property and parental rights/responsibility agendas.
As the public schools are political institutions by design, a political
response to their attempts to intervene in parental property rights
seems appropriately fought politically.

Does that help you understand my position?