RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: My op-ed in defense of sex work (Bay Area Reporter)

The discussion started about the nature of conduct...about how the conduct sucks.
It is still about the nature of conduct... about how the conduct sucks.
The only difference is which side of the "witch-hunt".

I'll second Mike's suggestion.

Also, I would like to throw in an additional opinion. This started out as an interesting discussion; however, it seems to have lost its original focus and continues to plunge further into muddled territory. Muddled territory is where topics shift from "I disagree with your views on (bla bla)," to "You suck!"

So, I would love to go back to the original topic that (the way I saw it) had to do with the nature of actions for profit. Prostitution might be one example, but also speech, political campaigning, foster care of children, social work. For example, if I say social workers would want to perpetrate a socialist system primarily because such a system protects their work, rather than primarily because they love humanity, would that make me a bigot who incites persecution of social workers? If so, then I would say we have reached a level of political correctness unimagined by our Founding Fathers.

In un-muddled territory, no opinion relevant to the topic -- repeat topic, not person -- at hand should be excluded from discussion. Sorry that you apparently totally misinterpreted my suggestion that LPSF start a "Safe Space" Discussion List, John!

I would even welcome a discussion on whether libertarians are indeed "despised," and if so why!