RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: My op-ed in defense of sex work (Bay Area Reporter)

A good day is $6-900 Union Square top spot
But, as soon as market place demands rise to such a level, prostitutes from Phoenix up and Seatle down head in (festival/big concerts) times, where as many as 300merchandise their "wears"

Keep in mind, the two types of "dates" are hotel and car dates: usually performed by regulars neighborhood sex workers@a rate of under $100 of which the running records are around 11-15 in a single day/night

0f there are peripherals i.e. moms of the perspective households, massage parlors, Broadways'&Crazy Horse and Call Girls which gurlz are more flighty and stats are difficult to observe.

Thanks for the vivid picture, Eric. I am wondering if average neighbors in average San Francisco neighborhoods have any clue of the statistics you cite. I certainly did not. Of course, the other question might be, do the average folks in average neighborhoods care about such statistics. Well, I do.

Thanks again.