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Sorry Rob...I agree that we don't want to look like Gray Davis
clone...but I'm not worried that any of our local libertarians would
ever suffer from that. In my experience, San Franciscan's do trust a
suit...they just need to know that you would be quite comfortable, maybe
even more comfortable out of one. It doesn't have to be gray...I
personally like the dark, serious suit.

Actually, people really do make judgments about you based on your
appearance. So make sure you can look really sharp when you are doing
serious presentations. Look casual when out with "the people".

That's my advice for now.


I didn't mean to imply that suits were out of the question. I was mostly
making a joke about Pat Wright and his ferrets (he wore a suit in his campaign
photo for Lieutenant Governor but was holding a ferret in the photo). I
actually think it's important to dress up for public events. But I still say
it would be disastrous to campaign in something as dull as a gray suit with a
white shirt. Contrary to what Bruce said, that's not daring to conform,
because no San Francisco politicians (except Republicans) dress like that.
While a Libertarian being mistaken for a Republican may not be disastrous in
Orange County, it's a huge liability that San Francisco Libertarians cannot

I'm a total Denny for Mayor supporter, but we all know who the next mayor will
be (by a wide margin), and that man has never in his life worn the Gary Condit
used-car-salesman uniform Bruce suggested. Just check out the photos. The
closest thing you'll find is an extremely dark gray suit (bordering on black)
with a colored shirt. But mostly, you'll find earthtone-colored suits and
other more fashionable ensembles:

I've seen Mike Dilger in person on a couple of occasions. He has enough
fashion sense on his own to come up with something boring like a gray suit
with a white shirt. What he was asking for was higher-level fashion help,
which I, admittedly, can't offer expert advice on. But even I know a gray
suit and white shirt is about as wrong an answer to his question as would be
jeans and a t-shirt. Look at the Examiner ripping poor Tom Ammiano for
looking like a high school principal.

Dilger, don't go spend a wad of money at Mens Warehouse on gray suits just
yet. We'll find someone with up-to-date fashion sense to help you out.

Thanks Rob, and Bruce, and Mike. Good input.

I tend to think I have a pretty good sense of fashion, so I'm going to go on my own here.



Rob Power wrote:

Oops. My bad. Arnold wore a gray suit and white shirt for his
acceptance speech. :wink:

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