RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: [LPC County Officers] Summary of 8/5/2006 Executive Committee

With all due respect to Lady Aster and admiration for Starchild and Angela, I honestly believe Starchild isn't suited for the Chair position. While his positions and the clarity of his ideas are needed in the party, he really doesn't relate well to organizational structure. Starchild would certainly agree we don't want to over emphasize organizational structure but it seems the Chair responsibility requires someone who can get into it. We credit Starchild for reviving a nearly dead local Libertarian party and made him our chair. It seems all parties were relieved when this situation changed.

Starchild for LPC Outreach Director!


It is Starchild’s place to do what he wants, but I submit that most people who would relate well to the LP’s current organisational structure is no more fit to be chair, than anyone who relates to today’s Washington is fit the be president.

This party’s heirarchy is rotten, and it goes all the way down to the very instinct by which the party conducts business. I understand that Starchild may not want the miserable position that leadership is for those who don’t crave power, and that is his choice. But it is preciaely because he is not like the party establishment that we so desperately need people like him.

But I’ll shut up now, and let him speak for himself.

love and strife,

Lady Aster


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