RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Lessons for LP (was: Interesting perspecti ve)

Hear, hear.

I would add that I think the whole strategy of trying to appeal to voters is wrong-headed. The overwhelming majority of Americans have opposed what the LP stands for throughout its history, and still do. There's been progress in some areas, like drugs, but a greater embrace of statism in other areas. There's no way to win elections by trying to match ourselves to what most people want, without abandoning what we stand for. I also think "soft-pedaling" strategies are a recipe for disaster. It's too easy for anybody to out us by referring to our platform, and that reveals us as hypocrites, embarrassed by some of our principles. So some people want to soften the platform, too. Ideally, in this view, we would keep all our positions secret, just like the two larger parties, then surprise everybody once we were elected. I say, put it all out there, boldly and proudly. Our proper position is out in front, leading the way, not following the crowd.