RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Here's an interestingstrategyIcouldgetbehind

Dear Dr. Michael Acree,

It was helpful and I enjoyed it. I hope you will write much more to help introduce Libertarian views to the world. I am frankly not particularly interested in getting Libertarians or anyone else into office. I only consider issues or "good people" and the Libertarians come closest to my views. You can see that changing the Libertarian Party to appeal to Democrats or Republicans just to get into office would not help to get my vote.

Marge and I have gotten over 1200. signatures on the LimitEminentDomain Petition. The other Eminent Domain Petition that has the New York Property Developer financing it and ours are competing for signatures. The other petition has the term, "blight" in it. So if your property is deemed to have "blight" by a judge (We know how judicial they are.) it may still be possible to lose ones property. This will probably not effect you or me but could apply to some minorities that the government doesn't like. Hemmm, could be some troublesome Libertarians, however, if they ever got organized enough to pose any real threat to the powers that be. I think most people are already "Libertarians at heart" they just don'tknow it - - - yet.

I rather suspect that we will eventually get the eminent domain for blighted property because they ( govt. officials) must kept us under control you know.

Best wishes - - -

Bob Parkhurst