RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: election results.

That's exactly right Allen....this bill should only reaffirm that the
rights of parents over their minor children cannot be superseded by the
state in this situation. It's pretty amazing that this is so out of
control that these measures are even needed.

Thanks for your comment.


Mike, I am correct in my
recollection that you are raising
some adopted kids? If so that
gives you a great deal of moral
authority in this debate. My only
two cents are that unwanted
children of poor teenage parents
grow up to perform a grat deal
of crime. As a victim of violent
crime, I welcome the relative
safety that Toe v Wade has
brought to our streets. The
miserable lives that many
unwanted children live is also
very sad. the connection
between abortion availability and
declining violent crime rates is
established in the best selling
book Freakonomics. The
horrible trgedy of large numbers
of unwanted street kids in Rio is
also in part a result of abortion
prohibition. I have absolutely no
moral authority on this issue as I
have no kids.