RE: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Dues Confusion

[Terry said...]

We discussed this last night at our meeting and we're still confused.<<


I thought my statement below (bottom of email) was pretty clear, but since it was not, let me try again...

If you are not currently a member, e.g., you are a new member or have had your membership lapse, and you pay $25 before the first (and sign the pledge if becoming a new member), you will get an anniversary date one year from when you join or rejoin, i.e., between Sept 16 and Sept 30, 2006 (depending what day between now and the end of the month you join/rejoin.

If you are currently a member, with a current expiration date in the future, and you pay $25 before the first, your anniversary date will be be extended exactly one year from your current expiration date. Here's a specific example: You said you are current through October, 2006. If you pay $25 before the end of the month, you will then be current through October, 2007. After the one-time offer expires, renewing will cost you $50 (but, of course, you could wait until closer to October 2006 to send it in).

From the first of October onward the above discussion regarding dates still applies, but renewing members (whether lapsed or still current) will be charged $50. New members will still get the $25 introductory rate for their first year, even after September is gone.

The "new" state dues structure does not double the most recent national dues; they are exactly the same dollar amounts (after the September one-time special offer has expired): $25 for first year members and $50 for renewing members. Granted, the member will probably have to subscribe to LP news if they want to continue to receive it, though national has not solidified this plan yet. I doubt this will amount to anywhere near a "dramatic doubling". Both the county and the state will get more funds under the new plan - and they will be required - because of the added responsibilities picked up from national such as sending out our own renewal notices.